Thursday, May 4, 2017

2017 FAL Project Finish: Pot Holders

Recently the MQTS Flickr group held a pot holder/coaster swap.  I've never made a pot holder, and this sounded like a lot of fun, so I signed up and waited eagerly for the partner list to be posted.  My swap parter for this round was Kim.  After a little bit of discussion with her I found out she has a country kitchen with pine cabinets, denim blue counters and touches of red, and that she'd really rather have pot holders than coasters.

Denim blue, touches of red, country style.....yep, I had an idea almost immediately!
After a search through my stash I discovered what I didn't have was fabric, so  bit of shopping was in order.  Surprisingly, it took a stopping at a couple quilt shops, but I finally found these sweet prints.

There was one more thing I needed, and that took a raid of the closet to find--- a couple pairs of HUBBY's old jeans. We'd recently bought him new jeans, and I knew he had a couple pairs that were ready for retirement.

After I cut up the jeans I discovered a little hole in one of the pieces, so perle cotton and a little bit of darning closed it up.

I pieced some simple stars for the quilting cotton side of the pot holder.  

There's a little heart quilting into the center of the star because the kitchen is the heart of the home.
It's easier to see on the inside.  

I opted to quilt the two sides of the pot holders separately, so each side consisted of the outer layer-the denim or the star, then a layer of thin cotton quilt batting and lastly the Insulbrite.  I held everything together with 505 basting spray.  Once the quilting was finished I trimmed each side down to the unfinished size of 9.5 inches square.  Since the two sides together were very thick & bulky I again used 505 basting spray and large Wonder clips to hold all the edges even and did a wide zig zag around the edges.  This really worked very well. Next the binding was added by machine.  Adding that binding made the only lines of quilting that are shared by the two sides of the pot holder.  
The finished pot holders are thick enough to protect the hands but still very flexible and the pocket provides the perfect place for your hand to go. 

I used a grosgrain ribbon accented with a little bit of linen thread for the hanging loops.  Here's the deinim side of the finished pot holders. 

Here's the pieced side.  

I think they look pretty cute!  I want to make a few more pairs. Hubby needs to hurry up and wear out some more jeans!!

Here's the rest of the package I sent to Kim.  There's a little Moda tin, some Moda post it notes, and a cute dish towel. 

Now let me show you what Kim made for me!  The world's cutest coasters!  I just love that scissor print! These will be perfect for my sewing room.  She added in a pan handle cover that will be perfect for my cast iron skillet. 

This was a really great round of swapping!  The group loved this theme and it's been decided that we'll do it again one day.

Happy Swapping!

Link to 2017 2nd Quarter FAL List is HERE. 


doodlebugmom said...


Leslie can't stop quilting said...

It was a great swap! I want to make a handle cover for my skillet.

margaret said...

what a good idea to use old pockets from jeans I am sure she will love these. Your mug rugs and pan holder are great too all in all a very successful swap

Gina said...

THey are fabulous. I've never made any either. I was sent some in a swap and found them so useful until I set fire to them. ( long story but was having a blonde day) I should make some for myself as I do miss using them xxx

Ranch Wife said...

Well, those are just the cutest potholders ever! I'm always recycling jeans. I use the pockets for coasters. I've been meaning to post about that. I think I need to get my dicarded jeans out and start playing. I love the fabric you chose! Looks like some of that Gingham Girls line that just came out and that I am in love with.