Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Quick 2 Color Stack-N-Whack Blocks

Stack-N-Whack blocks are fast, fun - plus TWO blocks at a time are made so it is a great choice for a group sewing project.  With Hands2Help in full swing, I decided to ask my Coast to Coast Quilting Bee members if they'd like to help me make something special so I'm sharing this little tutorial for them.  Hopefully some of my readers will enjoy it, too!

Since we are making a quilt for an adult, our color scheme is filled with Blues from the darker end of the spectrum paired with bright White.  Here's a few examples from my stash.

Our blocks will finish at 12 inches square. As we all know, blocks made by a group will have quite a bit of variation in size, so this tutorial has a bit of extra wiggle room added in. That wiggle room comes in on the first border, which will be cut 2.5 inches at the narrowest point.  

Cutting the Blocks 
We'll be starting with TWO 16 inch squares stacked together.

1.  Cut the right and left sides of the outer border 2.5 inches at the narrowest point, (see photo above) then cut the top and bottom sides of the outer border. The angle of the cut doesn't matter, but it shouldn't exceed 3.5 inches at the widest point. 
2.  Cut the right and left sides of the inner border, then cut the top and bottom sides of the inner border. This can be cut to any width and angle. 

When you are finished there should be 9 pieces in total, as shown in the bottom right photo. 

Next, it's time to separate all the pieces into two blocks, alternating the colors for each round. It is important to lay out all the pieces in order to keep all the pieces in the right position as you are sewing.  It's very easy to grab the wrong piece or flip something the wrong direction.

Sewing The Blocks
All seam allowances are the usual scant 1/4 inch.
Press seam allowances to the side in whatever direction seems appropriate. 
Grab the center and add a border section to the top and bottom of it. 
Do take the time to give the sides a little trim so the edges are perfectly straight. 

A little tip--make a small mark in the seam allowance area so you are certain which side is the TOP of the center square. It's very easy to mistakenly turn the center in a wrong direction. 

Add the inner border to the right and left sides of the center and trim the excess.

Repeat all the steps above for the outer border. 

Bee Girls:  Please stop at this point!  
Don't trim the blocks to the final size, just pop them in the post!

The final trimming squares the block to 12.5 inches square.  This gives you a last chance to play a bit, too, as you adjust the ruler to add a bit more wonkiness. 

In just a short time you have TWO beautiful blocks!

This was a great way to spend a morning!

 I think they look great!  Our Hands2Help quilt is off to a great start!

Happy Stitching!

If you don't already know about Hands2Help, please click on the link and join in the fun!
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margaret said...

thanks for this tutorial seem to remember doing a stack n whack ages ago time I made anther one.

Louise said...

Fun block! I love blue and white together, too. This one will be so pretty when it's finished :)

Vicki in MN said...

Great tutorial and it looks very fun, like I want time to try it!

Bonnie said...

Nifty blocks. I haven't paid too much attention to these types of quilts but after seeing yours I may have to try your tutorial.