Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Happy Place

Today I thought I'd show you my Happy Place.

Let's move around the room.  All kinds of wonderful things surround me while I'm sewing, pretty things from swaps, gifts from sweet friends, things I've made, and, of course, the sewing machine.  

Over-sized ironing board & my crazy jumble on the bulletin board.  

Here's my quilting buddy & pressing supplies in the background. 

Cutting table and design wall.  Today I am sorting out recent fabric purchases.  Yeah, had an awful lot of fun in the quilt shops last week.  

Books & Rulers.  

There's a jack & jill bath attached to my sewing room, as you can see in the background. There's a closet tucked back there, too.  We have a spare room in this house, so my fabric stash, embroidery supplies and all the boxes of scraps are stored in a different room.  I've never had this kind of space for all my sewing stuff before, and I doubt I ever will again, so I am enjoying it as long as we rent this house!

There you have it, my Happy Place!



Lynette said...

Nice!!! I would definitely enjoy all that space to the max like that, too. :)

margaret said...

you lucky lady having such a good room to sew in. I have my machine in the living room, it bugs me the tv is behind my back so cannot watch when stitching. I keep all well most ogf my supplies in the smallest bedroom but things spread allover the house. All my stitchy books are in the utility room. Spend more time searching for things than doing things

Laura VanVleet said...

I love your happy place! Thanks for sharing all your lovelies with us! Hugs, Laura.

Ranch Wife said...

Such a nice spot to create all of the amazing quilts you stitch! I don't have a dedicated room for my quilting obsession, but if I were closer, I'd move in with you. Good thing I'm not, huh? :) Thank you for sharing your space - it looks like the perfect place to sew.