Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Little Fabulous Finish--Hexagon Mini Quilt

The Mini Quilt Trading Swap group just finished a round with Hexagons as the theme.  This swap had secret partners, so no one knew who was making the quilt she would receive.
This is the little quilt I made for my partner Rita. 

Connecting is about 13 inches square. The 1 inch hexies were made from three colors of Kona cotton.  The background is a Lakehouse print, the binding is Me & My Sister for Moda. 

The design idea came from a pillow on the Sew4Home site.  It makes me think of our swap group, all the colorful pieces connecting together across the globe and across the internet as we share our love of little quilts and creativity.  As our group shares snippets of our lives & interests on our discussion boards we grow in our global friendship.  As we create our little quilts we stretch our skills and grow as quilters.  Participating in this group has been a really valuable experience for me.  This has led me to call this little quilt "Connecting".  

The hexies were English Paper Pieced and sewn to each other with 80wt Aurfil appliqué thread. This is the first time I have used this thread and I really liked it.  I was surprised at it's strength and durability and at how little it knotted.  This is a product I highly recommend. I only had black and grey thread when I did my piecing, but you'd never know it.  With careful stitches the grey didn't show.  I'll be buying more colors soon!

You can see how well the thread disappears into the fabric. 

I used this thread to appliqué the shaped to the background, and actually did the hand stitching on the binding with it as well.  I wouldn't use it for binding on a larger quilt, but a mini isn't going to be used, just admired!

I sent along a few practical extras, including a needle threader for embrodery, a lighted needle threader, a little Moda Tin and a note pad. 

The backing is a happy Kaffe Fasset print.   I finished it off with my new wooden tags.  I'm so tickled with these tags!  It was my first opportunity to use one.  

Now let me show you the AMAZING mini quilt that I received from Jan.  This is my favorite quilt that was made for the swap and I was shocked when it arrived at my house!

Isn't this the cutest thing?  Jan created the English paper pieced background with 1 inch hexies and then appliqued the paper pieced heart hexies and tree trunk over it.  
There's so many fun details here, like this froggy, the flowers and cat tails in the grass.  She included a lot of sewing related prints, too.  The result is just charming, and her piecing is flawless.  I do think it is a funny coincidence that we both bound our mini quilts with black and white polka dots! 

Jan also made me the cutest magnetic post it note holder & created the card, too.  The little owl on the card has googly eyes--cracks me UP!

The next round of the swap I'll be participating in will be Potholders or Coasters.  I am looking forward to it!  Partners for this round won't be posted for a week, so in the mean time I'll be haunting Pinterest and saving ideas!

Happy Stitching, friends!


Lynette said...

Very fun idea to depict the connections we make. (As my daughter is studying hard for biochem exams, my brain was wondering if it was a molecule - heh!)

And yes, that tree mini is adorable!

Kathy S. said...

Oh MY! The little hexie quilt you received from the swap is GORGEOUS! So creative. What fun.

margaret said...

2 lovely mini quilts Never thought to do applique on top of hexies it works so well and the colours in the one you made are spot on, what was it like not to include any flying geese I wonder

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

I think these are both fantastic! Love your new signature! That is so cool!

ES said...

The tree hexie quilt is so beautiful! What a fabulous idea! Your hexies look like a strand of DNA or a chemical molecular structure!