Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 FAL Project: The Flock is Coming Together!

Assembling of the Giant Geese quilt top is finally underway!

HUBBY and I decided to make another panel for the design wall because this thing is gonna be HUGE! Now my design wall has three panels that are 4 ft wide and 8 ft high.  That gives me 12 feet of design wall when the three panels are side by side.  Being able to put all the blocks up and see the quilt top as a whole is a luxury I hadn't expected. I'm grateful to HUBBY for hauling that giant insulation panel home on the top of the car and then spending a couple hours with me, the glue gun, the stapler and the duct tape as we put the new section together.   

My DAUGHTER and I spent two days putting up all the blocks and swapping, changing and re-arranging and feeling like we were losing our minds doing it. Yesterday we decided enough was enough and we are calling this the final layout.  As you can see, even with all this design wall space there are still blocks on the floor.  

Now, as you look at this picture are you saying, "Staci, what's up with those odd sticking-out bits on the edges?"  
The answer to that is very simple.  
I cut the fabric, I made 455 geese, trimmed them up and I sewed them into 119 blocks. 
I was very busy! 
What I never did was stop and read the pattern instructions.  
Yes, the instructions say to join the geese in pairs, not quartets and assemble the quilt in rows.  Ooops!

Really though, I'm not too bothered about it.  With a quilt this big there's no way I want to assemble it in rows anyway; it's going to be assembled into sections.  It is rather a puzzle, and that's been a lot fun so far.  About a dozen blocks have had to be seam rippered into two smaller blocks, but that isn't a big deal.  We are also using it as an opportunity to add some more crazy to this quilt by flipping and turning those split blocks so they are no longer in a straight formation.  

We've kept Miss Daisy shut out of the sewing room because we didn't want feline help with the quilt layout. She sits outside the door and whines pitifully.  Or yells.  LOUDLY!  REALLY LOUDLY and she sounds pretty darn ticked off with us.  (She's part Siamese--this cat can holler!!)  Since we love this highly opinionated little cat and are tired of listening to her   umm... feeling sorry for her, first order of business is getting those blocks off the floor so she can join us.  

I gotta tell you, if it weren't for DAUGHTER this quilt would not be happening.  I went in the sewing room in the evening after we had spent the first day trying to arrange those blocks.  I felt totally overwhelmed and sort of wanted to just put all the blocks in a box and abandon the idea of making a king sized quilt.  DAUGHTER's enthusiasm is the reason this thing is coming together.

Working together has been wonderful.  She's been doing the seam rippering, and pinning while I'm sewing the seams.  Whoever has free hands at the moment does the pressing.  Here's the result of yesterday's sewing, the first three sections of the quilt. 




Now the floor is clear. 
There was a happy dance going on in the sewing room!!  
Even the cat is smiling!

Hope you are doing a happy dance today, too!


This project is part of my 2017 FAL 1st Quarter List.


Kathy S. said...

Lookin' great!

margaret said...

what a spectacular quilt you will have you are definately the Queen of flying geese

Shauna said...

Ohh I so love that quilt, it is just awesome!!!!!! I have thought of doing one like it, but just haven't done it yet.

I had something similar recently with my dog. I was working on a quilt with lots of white and so I block my big black shedding dog from the quilt room and he was none to happy about it. He doesn't normally stay in the room with me, but he likes to come in and check on me periodically and me blocking his was bad...well in his opinion.

Lynette said...

Oh my goodness! Wow, that's going to be awesome! I would need help, too, in the face of that intimidating amount of work. Daughters are wonderful resources for monumental arranging tasks and even better when they can actual help with the assembly sewing. :D

ES said...

Awesome quilt. I'm putting together my biggest quilt to date, I'm going to quilt it in quarters and join them. Well that's my plan, goodness knows how I'll cope with the joining up moment!!