Thursday, February 16, 2017

2017 FAL Project Progress: The Last Goose....Maybe?

Maybe, maybe....I HOPE....I've sewn the last goose!  
Stacks with 10 blocks each
If I've counted right, and that's a big if, I believe there are 119 blocks containing 476 individual geese. While I've enjoyed making the geese, and it did go a lot faster than I expected, I am REALLY HAPPY to be finished.   

Sadly, this project is now on hold.  My beloved sewing machine started acting up yesterday and I had to take it in for servicing.  The shop is swamped right now and my estimated pick up date is 31 March!  Ouch!! 6 LONG LONG weeks!!  I do have a little back up machine, but it's definitely not up to putting together a King Sized quilt.   I'm pretty disappointed because I really wanted this quilt top finished by the end of the month.  

So, time to go have a look at my FAL list and see what I can work on next!

Bloggy friends, I sure hope your machines are in GOOD HEALTH on this fine February day!



Yanicka said...

My best machine (Josephine) is at the sewing machine Dr, Isn't sad when our best is out of commission? 6 weeks is forever lol. I love the gooses !!! The colors are wonderful and it has a great energy going on.

Connie the Cootiebug said...

Sad about your machine being out of commission. If you lived in my neighborhood I'd lend you one of mine.

Betty Acree said...

OH my, 6 weeks is horrible.... sounds like it's time to have a second machine! That's what I did when I had a machine in the shop for an extended period -- I was going through withdrawal!

Ranch Wife said...

Are you honking yet? Just checking! After spending that much time with a gaggle of geese, you might even be growing feathers. :) That's the most delightful group of geese I've ever seen though! Here's hoping that March 31st gets here really fast!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love those geese! How on earth are you going to manage for six weeks? Prep lots of projects?!

Robby H. said...

I'm so sorry your machine is out of commission for so long. Those geese might even start migrating before it comes back! But they are looking great so far.

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Boy oh boy....hope they speed up your machine!!!