Thursday, January 26, 2017

HONK, HONK, HONK!! : 2017 FAL Project

Do you hear that HONK HONK HONK?  Yep, that is the sound of geese flying by! 162 geese to be precise. My Christmas Goose quilt top is all assembled.  I still need to fix up something for the backing, but really, all eyes will be on the front, 'cause it's pretty fabulous!
Quilt Top came out at 72 inches square. 

Here's a couple close up photos so you can see how cute these Sweetwater prints really are!

The text print is a list of tree names that are commonly used as Christmas Trees. 

Happy Thursday, quilting friends!

This project is part of my 2017 FAL 1st Quarter list.
Previous posts about this project are HERE and HERE.


sunny said...

Fantastic! I want to make one.

margaret said...

this is a fantastic quilt and yes I think I heard the geese flying over my house just now!!

Leslie can't stop quilting said...
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Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Honk, honk!! Not sure if I heard the adorable cars and trucks with the trees on top or the geese....but I love this quilt!