Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cozy Throw: 2017 FAL Project

Cozy Throw is a pattern by Amy Gibson, and it came with a quilt kit I ordered from Craftsy's clearance sale last year. In fact, the price was so good I ordered two.  The kits are made of Kona solids and all lean to the very warm side of the spectrum, with peach and green being the featured colors.  The finished quilts will be about 60 inches square. 

The pattern was a digital download and for some unknown reason the cover photo on the pattern wouldn't print out, so here's the exploded layout diagram to give you an idea of where this project is going. 

This quilt has a new-to-me construction method.  First, I cut many many many 2.5 inch strips which were then sewn into strip sets.  Since I was working with 2 kits it was quite a pile of strips and strip sets so the sewing took place over a couple days. 

The quilt you see on the design wall belongs to my lovely DAUGHTER.  It's going to be a stunner!!

Then the strip sets are sewn to other strip sets and suddenly you have a closed tube of fabric.  Now came the part I was feeling quite nervous about: The Cutting!!  

More cutting...

and even more cutting brought me to this point: lots of squares.
Yes, those blocks surely are cute, but let me tell you I was sincerely wishing I had starched that fabric!  The cutting method gives a bias edge on every side and that Kona can really stretch.  The blocks need to be trimmed down now, and we'll see how that goes.  We'll find out how accurately I cut those triangle chunks out of the strip sets. Yes, friends, I am pretty concerned.  

Hope your sewing is free of nerves!


This project is included on my 2017 1st Quarter Finish-A-Long list. 


Warm Quilts said...

You've made great progress on those blocks. Thanks for the photos and hints, too!

margaret said...

this is a project and a half, would work well with a jelly roll too. I avoid quarter square tiangles as much as I can because of the bias sides. Your daughter`s quilt looks spectacular in the background more pictures please, does she have her own blog?