Monday, January 30, 2017

2017 FAL Project: Guess What? There's MORE Geese!

My FRIEND gave me this kit from Craftsy for my recent birthday.  There's 14 yards of fabric in this baby!  The prints from Ann Kelle's Remix lines and pretty Kona solids, both from Robert Kaufman fabrics.  It's a LOT of fabric and it's so darn cute! 

FRIEND told me she didn't expect me to use the pattern, but just enjoy the prints however I would like.  Well....I like those geese!  The geese are the same 4 x 8 size that I'm using in my Christmas Goose quilt.  I did some digging in my stash and came up with a few more pieces from the Remix fabric line and added them in.  The pattern calls for 220 individual geese to make an 80 x 88 quilt, but states there's enough fabric for some extras.  After enough math to give me a headache, I believe I have enough in that pile for 312 geese.  That gives me a lot of options.  I could divide the blocks in half and make two quilts, make a large quilt and a small one or one giant whopping huge quilt.  Guess we'll have to wait and see on that. 

I'm making these geese using the No Waste 4 At a Time method, but slightly oversized so they can be trimmed to perfection with my Bloc Loc Ruler.

So far it's going pretty quickly.  In just a couple afternoons I've made 72 geese. These crazy crazy geese are cracking me up!

Happy Geese Day, my friends!

This project is part of my 2017 FAL 1st Quarter List


Rebecca said...

I just kept coming back to this post so went and down loaded the pattern.

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

This is amazing Staci!!! Great Friend!!!

margaret said...

you really are the Queen of geese what a challenge you have here if you make 312. The 4 at a time method you are using is the one I have had some sucess with, thanks for reminding me of it, have made a note in my little book to make some when I am on top of all the other things I am working on.