Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 FAL Project: Geese are Flying in Formation.

So, these are lousy phone photos taken about 5:00 AM while it was still dark.  My good camera has died!  We sent it in for repairs since it was still under warranty and recently received the news that it is "beyond repair" .  Now we are waiting for the reimbursement check to arrive so I can get a new one.

Anyway, here's what I wanted to show you.
As I worked on those geese this layout is what I had planned.  Once it was up on the wall though I knew it was no good.  I don't like the way the geese with the red sky pieces look like little houses or arrows.

Next I tried gathering those red sky geese together. Although it is better, I sure don't like those geese flying downward, plus I still had a big stack of blocks to add.

Adding another red row came next.  Yes, I did like this better, but I was thinking I needed to fix this so the first red row went up and not down.  My FRIEND is another early bird and we were texting about my photos and she was sharing her opinions.  She gave me a suggestion I hadn't considered: Make both red rows going the same way.  

She was right!  This is it!  I was so caught up in the idea of having the rows alternate direction I don't think I would have tried this without her suggestion. 

Putting this together is going to take a while!  There's 162 individual geese on that design wall.  
Wish me patience, I am going to NEED it! LOL

Actually, the first thing I need to do is jab a pin in every single block because if THIS were to happen again I wouldn't be laughing this time! ; )

Happy Stitching!


margaret said...

your playing around with this has certainly paid off loving it and like that the red ones both go in the same direction. I too am an early riser was changing the bed a 4.40 this morning, this is when I catch up on blogs etc especially in the winter as it is still so dark.

Linda Smith said...

Brilliant. And the red and green really POP against the white. Love it.

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's going to be wonderful! Good luck with the joining!

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

I love your final layout!!! I know you can whip this baby together!!! I went to check out the new Sweetwater Christmas line and you are so right about how great it is! I just adore those gingham's!!!

Ranch Wife said...

Good call! I wouldn't have thought of that either, but it's perfect! I had to laugh when I saw that you pinned each goose. I remember that last escapade. :)
It's so fun when you can collaborate across the miles with like-minded friends. You're going to have an amazing quilt!