Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 FAL: Fabulous Friday Finish: Thread Rack Cover

Last year I gave my FRIEND a sewing machine cover and sewing machine mat for her birthday. You can see that project HERE.  A few weeks later my friend sent me a photo of the machine cover thrown over her thread rack while she used her machine.  She joked that her thread rack needed a cover, too.

This year guess what my friend got for her birthday?  Bet you guessed a cover for her thread rack!  LOL

The flimsy for the cover was finished long long ago, I don't even know how long ago.  Why did I put it away and not finish the project?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The flimsy was tucked in a project box and forgotten.

I finally pulled it out and spent a day getting it layered and quilted and making the ties for it.
My friend and I worked together to decide on the size of the cover and the location of the ties.  The binding was added and I spent a couple evenings getting the binding hand sewn.

Here it is tacked up on the design wall.  The ovals are from a Robert Kaufman Metro Living line.  The dots for the geese as well as the backing are all out of my stash.

Here it is thrown over my sewing machine.  My beloved sewing machine is quite large, so it doesn't seem so big here, but this cover is much larger than a normal machine cover coming in at 19 x 44.

My friend mentioned how much she loved the button boat I'd sent at Christmas and she sent me a photo of it in use.

I laughed and said I liked mine, too and was thinking I needed another one.  FRIEND commented she wouldn't mind another one, either.  

So here we go, two more button boats!

And here's the photo FRIEND sent me of her Thread Rack Cover in action, keeping her thread collection nice and warm this winter ('cause cozy thread is important, right? ) and best of all free of dust. 

There we go--A Fabulous Finish for a Friend!

Happy Stitching!


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I love the idea of a thread cover--cause when I lived in NY and had my thread on a rack--I realized just how dusty the thread got and it very hard to get dust off a spool of thread--here I have my thread in see through bags--so far!
enjoy the moments, di

margaret said...

what a good idea for those with a thread rack, my poor threads are all tumbled together in a drawer. Good to see the flying ge. Might just do a web search for a thread stand

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Great finish, Staci!

Judith, Belfast said...

A really practical and thoughtful finish for Q1! Jxo