Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 FAL: 1st Quarter List

2017 FAL

It's that time again!  Time to make a Finish-A-Long list!  You have no idea how long I think about this and how many times I change it up before it finally hits this blog.  My family actually teases me about it.  Here goes!

First the UFO's--

1.  Thread Rack Cover.  

This needs layering, quilting, ties and binding.  It's been hanging around just about a year now. 

2.  The Cat Quilt.

This top was made during Elizabeth Hartman's quilt along in December 2013. Wow!  That's a long time ago!
Time to get these kitties quilted and finished!

3.  Scrappy Log Cabin

This was my big scrap project last year.  I just need a few more blocks and it can be turned into a quilt top and will be ready for finishing.

4.  City Sampler.  
This is the biggie on this list right now.  There's been much much dithering on how to finish this project and it is time to just choose a path and knock it out!

5.  Christmas Goose rolls over from last year.  I changed my mind about what I wanted to do, and am so glad I did.  All these geese make me so very happy!  Need to make about 26 more geese and I'll be ready to make a quilt top and get this one finished!

6.  Baby Roundhouse
This sweet little baby quilt top was made back in August of 2014.  It needs to be quilted & bound.  

Now for the Binding Only part of the list--

7.  Farmer's Wife
This quilt has been finished for a long, long time.  It just needs the binding added. 

8.  Canasta 2
This rolls over from the last quarter.

9 Sparkle Punch.

This is the one that I'm binding right now.  Almost finished with the first long side!  The end is in sight!

10.  Blue Underground/Underground Blues.

This beauty is with the quilter right now.  I expect it back in the next couple weeks.  

And now for the New Projects part of my list--

11.  Cozy Throw Quilt
This is a Craftsy kit I bought a long time ago and it's time to get it used. I'd show you the pattern, but I can't put my hands on it right now.

12.  Pineapple Farm.
For You by Zen Chic and Elizabeth Hartman's Pineapple Farm should play so nicely together!

13.  Remixed--
My sweet friend bought me this kit for my birthday.  I add it to my list knowing it will roll at the end of the quarter.  The quilt is huge! 80 x 88.  This baby has 220 flying geese! 

Here's to a great 2017 Finish-A-Long for everyone!

Happy Finishing--



Archie the wonder dog said...

You weren't doing it wrong last year, the rules look to have changed slightly. Which means a lot of the things on my list (most of them, in fact) won't count if I finish them. Oh well! Guess I should have taken a leaf out of your book and reread the rules before linking up my list!

Good luck with your list! And maybe have a bit in your sidebar for planned projects so we can see what you're planning?

Jenny said...

All looking good, finished or not. Just love those Underground Blues!

margaret said...

lots to complete here and such variety too. 2 of your projects are on my to do list, farmers wife and the city sampler but when they will get done is anyone`s gues! Best of luck with these goals

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

I signed up again too, Staci!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Even more luck required!

Nicky said...

Love all your projects but you need to get your Farmer's Wife finished! Too good not to! Love the star quilt so hope the binding gets finished.

Laura VanVleet said...

Staci - quite the long list for this quarter (like me!). I'm looking forward to seeing your finished projects! They are all so bright and happy!