Monday, December 12, 2016

Underground Blues/Blue Underground Quilt Top

My camera and my new computer are not friends.   In fact, they are determined not to speak to each other!  How rude is that??  And oh so very frustrating!  Ended up having to download my photos on Hubby's computer and then transfer them to mine.  

Anyway, at long last I can show you this wonderful quilt top!  Although I still can't remember the correct name of the pattern, it could be my favorite quilt this year.  So very happy with it!

Just for fun, here's a photo of our little cat Daisy.  Hubby and I watched Secret Life of Pets last night, and for about 15 minutes Daisy did, too!  She was absolutely mesmerized!
Daisy is more interested in television than any cat we've ever had.  In fact, she even has a favorite show.  She loves BBC's Planet Earth series.  She watched almost every minute of several episodes.  

Hope your Monday is filled with Happiness and Humor!
Happy Stitching!


margaret said...

the quilt looks fabulous so admire quilts set on point.
Daisy is certainly engrossed. The big tvs seem to have made life more interesting for pets Catherine`s dog and cat both watch now, they would not like my house with my 19" set!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Daisy looks mesmerised! Love the quilt top!

Sarah Craig said...

Such a beautiful quilt, Staci! I love the indigo blues - it's singing my song!! Have a wonderful, merry Christmas if I don't get back by here before then....