Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Underground Blues Update: So Far, I Love It!

Some very happy hours have been spent right here working on my beautiful batik quilt this week. 

However, before I can stitch, I must PIN!  And pin, and pin and pin even more!

All the seams on the blocks were pressed open so many pins are required to control all those seam allowances. The heavy pinning means construction of this quilt top is slow going, but it's worth all the time it takes.

 The setting triangles were the right decision. So far, I LOVE IT! 
See my little step?  Even standing on it I can't reach the top of the design wall!

Happy Stitching!


Linda Smith said...

Oh,yes. Right decision. Beautiful.

greeneggs said...

That's absolutely spectacular. I love it on point.

sunny said...

How gorgeous!!

margaret said...

wow this is coming along so amazingly pinning takes time but so worth it to have all those seams correct

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's wonderful!