Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 FAL: Fabulous Finish -- The Bluebelle Constellation

FAL 2016

It truly is a fabulous finish, one that still amazes me every time I look at it. 

The quilt blocks were made by the ladies in Sew Blues Bee which I hosted in 2012. The bee members  became affectionately known as Bluebelles. These lovely ladies made Ribbon Star blocks for me as a thank you gift.  I had no idea and was in shock when envelopes of stars began to arrive. I had 25 blocks the week before Christmas and was ready to knock out a quilt top immediately after the holiday.  Well, a little star had gotten lost in the holiday mail shuffle and showed up a late.  Suddenly I had 26 stars.  Hmmm... what to do, what to do.  A couple bee members said to put a star on the back, but I wanted all these stars to be front and center!  The solution was to make up a few more stars.  I pulled out fabrics from stash and scraps and there I stopped.  Procrastination hit me and didn't let go.  I allowed the project to languish for so long, and I'm quite ashamed of myself!

Well, thanks to the kick in the britches that the FAL gives me this project came out to play. Four more blocks were quickly made, and there was quite a lot of shuffling up on the design wall until I was satisfied.  Since the blocks came from quilters of many skill levels they were quite a variety of sizes with nearly 3/4 inch difference between them.  I needed a way to make all the blocks work together, so I sashed half the blocks in white and the other half in silver.  It brought the quilt together and kept the focus on the blocks. 

So, without further yakking from me, let me present The Bluebelle Constellation.  

Name: The Bluebelle Constellation
Fabric: Scrap Happy!!
Quilted: professionally by Pat Boeck
Size: 72 x 87
Began: December 2012.  
Finished: October 2016

The long arm quilter put the final magic touch on this quilt.  She free motion quilted it on the long arm machine and I think it is just perfect.  Quite possibly the very best quilting she's ever done for me, and that is saying something since she is quite talented.

The simple line grid on the backing was the perfect finishing touch. 

There you are, it is quite possibly the sweetest finish of the year!
Happy Stars, quilting friends!


PS  This quilt is DAISY approved!


Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Oh wow!!! How great to see it all together! Did you add any of your own blocks to this one! I love all of your finishes!!! So pretty! Even if I am a Bluebelle.

Raewyn said...

I love both these finishes - well done on a successful quilting year!

Emily said...

This is lovely!

EmileeHope said...

I love the mix of dashing colors! Such a pretty finish!

Tiffany said...

I love it! AND your silver/white dashing idea is genius. It turned out amazing.

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's stunning and I really like the sashing and how you dealt with the differences in size - you wouldn't know there'd been a difference at all!

Congratulations on the finish and thank you for participating in the 2016FAL, on behalf of all the hosts!