Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Boo-tiful Bunting!

Last year I participated in a Halloween Bunting Swap held by the Mini Quilt Trading Swap Group on Flickr.  Each participant made up multiple flags so each member of her group could have one.  I made Mummies!  Many, many Mummies!

My Swap group had several international swappers so I had little flags arriving from Sweden as well as Brazil.  The flag from Sweden spent only 7 days in transit. Sadly, the postal system in many South American countries aren't as efficient as we are used to.  The last of the flags finally arrived around Christmas.  By then Halloween was the last thing on my mind, so all the flags were tucked away and forgotten.

When I pulled out my Halloween decorations I suddenly remembered the Bunting and spent about a half hour searching for the little flags.  Aren't they FUN??  I'm so glad I found them.

Another MQTS member made the cutest bunting with her flags, and I am totally copycatting her idea, as did many group members.  Click HERE for a peek at the cuteness!

Some of the little flags arrived already finished, and others needed some backing.  I used this black mini gingham to finish them off.

I decided that I'd like some curl to my ribbon streamers, so I used slightly diluted liquid starch, soaked the ribbon and wound it on spoon handles.  After it dried over night Voila! Curls!

I cut some spooky fabric circles and used my Clover yo-yo maker.  Turns out yo-yo's are a surprisingly good car project.

Now that I had all the pieces, it was time to put it all together!

Here's it added to the mantle!  Boo-tiful!

Here's a peek at Spidey's spot on the corner of the sofa!

Happy Haunting, quilty friends!



Leslie can't stop quilting said...

So much fun Staci! Thanks for the curling tip!!

margaret said...

you certainly have a one off with your bunting it looks great on your mantlepiece and the ribbon curling has worked a treat

Lesley Gilbert said...

I've made bunting in the past but nothing as spooktacular as yours - how fab :)

Summer said...

Now that is a pretty bunting ♥