Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016 FAL: 4th Quarter List

FAL 2016

The last quarter for the 2016 FAL--Wow!  In some ways it feels like we just started, especially since a one of these items has hung around ALL year!  So, for quarter #4, I'm going to keep it simple and just keep the unfinished items from quarter #3.

1.  Bluebelle Constellation is the only project that has been on the list all year long.  I've finished the blocks, assembled it, the quilter has made it extra wonderful.  All it needs is binding, which is actually already cut out!

2. & 3. Canasta 1 & 2.  These quilts were added during Q2.  Many blocks were made, 2 quilt tops were assembled.  Right now they are with the long arm quilter and I expect them to return home very soon.  Need to decide on biding and get it prepared.  

4.  Blue Underground was added in Q2, and I finally got it started last week. 

5.  Improv Christmas Trees was added in Q2 in hopes there would actually be a Christmas quilt for this year.  Hmmm.... Guess we'll see!  I pulled the fabric out about a week ago and realized I had no brown at all for the trunks, but now I do!

6.  Sparky.  Another Q2 addition.  Oh my.... Sparky has been sitting in a box for over a year!  Poor thing only needs binding, and the binding was made months ago.

7.  Sunset Cabin.  It's been on the list since Q2, and is so so so close!!  You'll be seeing it finished really soon!

8.  Wooly Flannel Strip Quilt was added during Q3.  It's at the quilter right now with the Canasta twins.  I think maybe it's a good thing this one waiting until the end of the year for binding.  I can't imagine having this cuddly quilt on my lap for hours while hand stitching that binding during the hot humid summer months!  LOL

9.  Sparkle Punch.  I started this quilt in late February, although it never landed on my list until Q3. I am really looking forward to having it finished in the SAME year it was started!  LOL  It just needs binding!

Yep, it's a lot of binding!  A LOT!  How much?  Let me show you.
And this list doesn't include the Improv Trees or Blue Underground since I'm not sure what size they will be at this point.  Thankfully, I really enjoy doing this hand stitching which is a very good thing since I need to bind a quilt a week for the rest of the year.  That's about a million stitches!  Realistic? Probably not, but I'm going to keep stitching and we'll see how far I can go!

Happy Quarter Four, friends!



Summer said...

These are all so pretty ♥


margaret said...

Bluebelle is so beautiful and plenty of other quilts that are eyecatching, I too enjoy the binding process.I try and cut the binding when I am cutting out the quilt but sometimes forget and use up the extra fabric in scrap quilts which causes problems. Very impressed with all you have achieved best of luck with doing the Xmas quilt in time

Archie the wonder dog said...

Just think how wonderful it will be to have all those quilts finished! (It'll make room on your Q1 list *grin*) Good luck, and get binding!