Monday, October 3, 2016

2016 FAL 3rd Quarter Round Up

FAL 2016

Third quarter was interrupted by injury, illness and a surprise cross country road trip.  Even with all the interruptions, I'm not unhappy with my finish list.  Out of 14 items I have 5 Untouched, 4 with Progress and 5 Finishes!

Here's a fast recap:
1. & 2. The Canasta Quilts --PROGRESS!
Both quilt tops are finished and with the long arm quilter right now. 

3.  Flannel Strip Quilt -- PROGRESS!
Quilt Top is finished!

4.  Blue Underground -- UNTOUCHED!

5.  Made By Hand Mini -- FINISHED!

6.  Improv Trees  -- UNTOUCHED!

7.  Round and Round-- FINISHED!

8.  Allie Owl-- FINISHED!

9.  Bluebelle Constellation -- UNTOUCHED!

10.  Spidey -- FINISHED!

11.  Sparky -- UNTOUCHED!

12.  Spicy -- FINISHED!

13.  Sparkle Punch -- UNTOUCHED!

14.  Sunset Cabins -- PROGRESS!
Working on this one right now!

During the 3rd quarter I stitched 1146 inches of binding!  Not as much as I'd hoped for, but still that's a bunch!

Happy Stitching!


Ramblings from Randi the Wild Rose Quilter said...

I'd say that's great! Wish I was making so much progress on my projects!

Mary said...

Progress and 4 finishes look good to me! Don't kick yourself when you're busy stitching. I have many UFO's calling my name. I'm ignoring them this month. Started a couple new Projects and I'm not sorry!

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Oh my are so far ahead of me Staci!!! I think the cooler weather will be what I need to get up and going again. These are all wonderful!!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Great progress and more labelled 'finished!!' than 'untouched!' which always makes for a good quarter!!!

June D said...

Great progress and finishes. Very nice projects! Congrats!