Monday, September 19, 2016

The Longest Game of Canasta EVER!

Back in 2010, Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Frannson! published a pattern called Canasta. (She has since retired the pattern, so it's no longer available.)  

The wonky version of this quilt pattern really appealed to me, so I bought it and began to gather up lots of fun prints and coordinating solids. I made lots and lots of blocks.  I was in the block making zone! Knocking the blocks out and so excited about it! 

I had quite a shock when I realized I'd made a really BIG goof.  
As you can see, the blocks are a log cabin variation: three sets of strips sewn around a center square.  After each round of strips is added the block is trimmed down with with the ruler tilted so it is wonky. For each round the ruler is tilted a different direction, so half the blocks should be tilted RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT and the other half should be LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT.  There should have been 21 of Block A and 21 of Block B. 
Block A: L-R-L                                                                      Block B: R-L-R
Well, while I was in the block building zone I stopped paying attention to what I was doing and made almost all the blocks tilted the same direction. I had one big ole mess!  I'd love to show it to you, but I can't find the photos. 36 block A's and 6 Block B's tossed in didn't make a nice quilt.  In fact, it was really awful! I shoved all my blocks in a box and ignored them for a long time. I was upset with myself and was oh so so so FRUSTRATED. 

Eventually I decided to make another full set of blocks so I'd have enough blocks for TWO quilts. I still had a LOT of fabric left from the first bunch.  Lots of cutting and sorting and soon all the strips cut. I made a few blocks, but just wasn't feeling the project right then so --yep, back in the box.....for years!  It's one of those projects that's kinda haunted me, every time I stumbled into the boxes I felt that twinge of guilt over all the time and money already invested in the project. I added this project to my 2016 FAL list so I could give up the guilt once and for all! ; )

Strips in the top box, finished blocks in the bottom one. 

I finally pulled the mess out in July and started to stitch.  Over the course of a week I sewed up all the new blocks.  Seeing the pile of finished blocks was thrilling!

Hmmm, well, that happiness didn't last!  
My really long project was becoming even l o n g e r!
When my daughter and I sorted through all the blocks, new and old alike, to make sure they really were all correctly tilted guess what we found?  Yep, several blocks were wrong. I needed to make another 6 blocks.  So, back to more block construction--but this time I had to do some hunting through the stash for fabric at add to the mix.
Finally, finally the day arrived that I had all of the second set of blocks finished!

All 84 blocks were ready to be sorted and combined into 2 quilt tops!

Yes!  The end was in sight at last!

Happy Stitching! 

FAL 2016


Summer said...

Wow The blocks are all so pretty ♥

margaret said...

so worth persevering with you now have 2 great quilts. Love a bit of wonkiness myself

Archie the wonder dog said...

What a trial! I'm glad you carried on, though, because they're both lovely!