Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sucker for a Sampler

Sampler quilt confession.......I can't seem to stop making them!
Right this very minute there are FIVE of them in one stage of completion or another.  FIVE!  This could indicate a serious Sampler Quilt addiction. 

This book arrived at my house shortly after it was published in 2013.  It's a lovely treasure trove of beautiful blocks, many of which are paper pieced, or partially paper pieced. 

My DEAR FRIEND and I have discussed making this quilt together for years, I think.  We've finally found time to do it, and my DAUGHTER has decided to join us!  Sampler quilts and quilting friends are a match made in quilting heaven!

Much much much debate about fabric has gone on and I have decided it is finally time to cut into one of the most precious stacks in my stash: Terrain by Kate Spain.  This is quite possibly my favorite fabric line ever. I've been hoarding it since 2011 and have never found a project I felt was worthy of it's loveliness.  That sounds silly, I know, but I am sure many readers can relate!  After stacking and sorting and repeating the process over and over again with my fat quarter bundle I've finally decided on this group.  It's a departure from my usual colors, and I am really loving it.  

I've picked up just a few solids to round out my selection.

Recently DAUGHTER and I got together for some sampler quilt playtime and here's the result.  Choosing a starting point was tough, but we thought starting with the blocks that had the largest pieces would be the best idea. 

This blocks is called Mayflower and features the focus fabric for my grouping. 

And this one is called Art Square.  I couldn't resist fussy cutting this print that looks like a beautiful hand painted tile.  

Going through the photos just now, I realize I have no photo of my DAUGHTER's fabric stack.  I'll have to snap one when we work on this project again. She is using a combination of a couple lines from V & Co, and is using  in shades of plum, mustard, grey and orange.  She's opted for a mauve solid for her background color. DAUGHTER is fearless when it comes to color, and often makes offbeat choices that turn into incredible quilts. 

DAUGHTER's Mayflower.  Now isn't that a jazzy block?

And here is her Art Square block. 

Now, here's the question I'd love to hear about:
Do YOU have a treasured bit of fabric you are hoarding?

Happy Fabric Hoarding!


Robby H. said...

I do not have some fabric I'm exactly hording. I think of it as using it judiciously to its' best advantage. Ha! I kind of swore off sampler quilts as my track record for finishing them isn't great. But your blocks are so stunning I suspect I may weaken at some point in viewing your progress.

Archie the wonder dog said...

I'm going to enjoy watching these blocks appear!

margaret said...

what fun having 3 of you working together on this quilt, best of luck.

Anina said...

I love your blocks!
I don't have a piece of fabric I'm hoarding right now. I DO love sampler quilts though. Lately, I get bored really easily when having to make the same block over and over, so samplers are ideal.

Ranch Wife said...

I remember your love for Terrain - whenever I see anything made with it, I think of you. :) Your blocks are just beautiful and what fun to have partners in crime on this project. I just hoard fabric in general - I'm an equal opportunity fabric hoarder. :) However, I do have a big box of Meadow Friends from a few years back. It's a fabric for children, but I was completely in love with it and when the FQS had it on sale for $5, I bought a yard of almost every print in the line plus extra for backings. :) I have yet to cut into it.