Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sparkle Punch is Growing!

Sparkle Punch has been taking up every moment I have for sewing right now.  It is a very time consuming project.  First 30 squares are assembled into a block.  All the seam allowances are pressed open so every seam has to be pin matched.  It's a S L O W process!

Then four blocks are assembled into a quarter.  Lots of smiling goes on at this point!  All the hours of work are starting to really pay off!

Then the quarters are joined and finally half the quilt is assembled!
Might have been a Snoopy Style happy dance!

And I might have walked back into the sewing room about a dozen times just to look at it again.  And hubby might have been dragged from the front door directly to the sewing room when he came home from work... ; )

Hope your projects are bringing you joy, too!

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margaret said...

this is looking so good hate pressing seams and when they have to be pressed open it seems to take for ever have still to decide which is best but tend to use both methods

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's magnificent!!! I hate pressing seams open and only do it when absolutely necessary!

Jamie @ Sew Brainy said...

I love these colors!!! I have so much B/W and don't know what to do with it. I'll have to do some stuff with solids behind. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa C said...

Pressed open? Ugh. I know some designers swear by it but it's a royal pain (to me). Great job! I'm not exactly sure what the proper wording is but I'd like to someday do a mostly black and white quilt. Everything just shows up so much.