Monday, April 25, 2016

Log Cabin Progress

The Log Cabin Quilt is one of my FAL goals for this quarter. 
Although I have been quilting for a number of years now, I've never made a log cabin quilt.  I decided to make one from solids, and had intended to do it in summer garden colors, but when I came home from the quilt shop my stack of Art Gallery Pure Elements was definitely autumnal!  

After some slicing and I started with this bunch of pretty strips & squares.  

One afternoon of sewing had the first round finished.  Although I thought they were pretty cute, I wasn't happy with my fabrics.  I'd envisioned having 3 shades of each color for each group and my stack of fabric was only going to give me two shades.  I decided it was worth it to put the project aside until I could get more colors.  I ordered the Pure Elements color card and once it arrived and was sufficiently drooled over I placed an order for more colors and had to wait for them to arrive.  

More cutting and now this was my stack. Much better!  This is what I wanted in the first place, and am so glad I waited for more fabric. 

The Creative Grids Log Cabin Ruler was a lot of fun to use.  You can piece all your units directly to a strip of fabric without cutting it to length first.  

The first strip of every round must be cut clean on both sides. 

After that first strip the only clean edge you need is the side where the next strip will be added.  I didn't understand that with the first round of strips and stopped to carefully trim both sides, so I just made myself a lot of extra work!  The instructions actually say it's okay to just finger press all the strips open, but my quilter's OCD couldn't handle that, so I used the iron to press each strip after it was cut apart.  It gave me nice flat blocks which I like!

The ruler is very clearly marked.  You align the center square with one of the squares on the ruler according to which round of strips you have just added and then trim it up to perfection before you move on to the next round.  

Here you can see the completed block waiting for the final trimming.  A few quick slices with the rotary cutter and the block is finished!  It's perfectly square and pretty much just perfect. 

Here's my Peach blocks waiting for the final trimming.  I'm not a big peach fan, but I love them!

The Pink blocks.

Yellow blocks.

The Brown blocks might be my favorite.  

The orange blocks I'm not as happy with.  I should have swapped the position of the last colors so the more greyed one was on the outside.  The two colors are so close in value though that I can't decide if I can live with it or should make them over.  

What would you do with the orange blocks?  Leave them?  Make them over again? 

Here's the group on the design wall.  I think I'll be setting them aside for a little bit while I consider those pesky orange blocks!

Hope your day isn't perplexing!

If you'd like to learn more about using this fun ruler, here's a You Tube video by it's creator!

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Designing Duo said...

Yes, remake the last two orange rows so that the darker fabric is on the outside. All your other blocks show the progression from light to dark. Your photo of all the blocks shows the orange block as looking strange with its present color progression, so try to envision that within the whole quilt. It won't be hard to reconfigure the orange block(s), and think how pleased you'll be glad you did! You waited for more fabric, so just think of this as a reboot of your original idea. Hope this helps! I've judged quilt shows for years and know from experience that even though we can't remake the quilt for the entrants, I've judged many that with one or two tweaks here and there, the quilt could have been a winner.

Raewyn said...

Oh I love your blocks! I've seen that ruler in action lately too and thought it was really good. I'd probably ponder on the orange for a while then still not have a decision!

Donna said...

I love your blocks too. They're inspiring me to make my own log cabin quilt, which I've never done either!

margaret said...

great choice of fabrics and the blocks are immaculate will have to buy the ruler after seeing how accurate it is, orange ones look fine to me, think lots of us will now be having a go at log cabin.Will be looking at creative grid web site later today!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Your blocks are wonderful (and that ruler looks fantastic!!), but I'd also swap the final two oranges, I'm afraid. If it's not too late, that is!