Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016 FAL - Second Quarter List

FAL 2016

Time to choose projects for the second quarter of the Finish A Long, and doing so has made me a little crazy for the last couple weeks.  First the list is TOOO long, then I chop chop chop and the list is suddenly to short.  Then I change my mind, and I change my mind and I change my mind again.  Time to stop waffling around and get it done already!

1.  Baby Roundhouse.  
This is the only item on my first quarter FAL list that was untouched.  Time to get this little cutie finished!!

2. & 3.  Canasta Quilt 1 and 2. -- UFO's
Complete the blocks, turn into finished quilts.  

4.  City Sampler-- UFO
Turn this stack of 100 blocks into a quilt top & get it finished!

5.  Hands to Help Quilt-New
Settle on a pattern and sew sew sew until finished!

8.  Blue Underground Quilt - New
Picked up this kit in a lovely shop in Kerrville.  So looking forward to this one!

9.  Christmas Presents Quilt - New
This kit has been waiting a long time!

10.  Made By Hand Mini Quilt - New
This one will be a bit of a secret for a little while.  This book is my inspiration, and I can promise embroidery, too!  This one must be finished and mailed out before the end of May.

11. Solid Log Cabin Quilt
Started this one just recently, but changed my mind about the fabrics and had to wait for more fabric to arrive.  Now I'm ready to build a log cabin!

12.  Improv Christmas Trees--New
Looking forward to turning these fun Sweetwater prints into a Christmas quilt!

Yep, the list is long.  And about to get longer!
Most of my quilts from the 1st Quarter of the FAL got held up at the quilter due to the poor lady having surgery.  I have a couple back, but she still has many that are waiting for quilting.  Plus, I had a few here that have been waiting for binding since the middle of last year.  I've decided to just put ALL of them up here, and I'll knock them off as fast as I can.  Very curious to see how many I can get through in this quarter.  I know many will move into the 3rd quarter.  Really, it all depends on how much TV gets watched in the evenings!  LOL

13.  Round & Round
Left from Q1, this one is home, trimmed and waiting.

14.  Allie Owl
The owls are at the quilter still.

15.  Blue Belle Constellation
At the quilter.

16.  K F Scrap Quilt--
This one was finished on 2 April, but I need to get photos.

17. Spidey
At the quilter.

18. Spicy
Been waiting for binding more than 6 months, I think!

19.  Sparky
Been waiting longer than Spicy.

20.  3 x 6 Sampler Quilt
Started on it as soon as I finished the KF Scrap quilt, hoping to finish it soon!

Yes, I do look at this list and think to myself it is CRAZY LONG!  
Do I think I'll get it all done this quarter?
But!  I'll get as far as I can!

Happy Dreaming, Bloggy friends!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Busy hands make light hearts!

Little Black Cat Quilting said...

So much quilty fun on this list! I'm sure you can cross a lot of these off your list now that you've shared it! :)

margaret said...

so many wonderful projects on your list you will not get bored as you have plenty to do, do you have all your quilts quilted professionally. City sampler really caught my eye and the box of perle cottons so colourful love perle thread

Lynn said...

There are some beautiful quilts there and some so tantalisingly close to being finished! I'm sure you'll get some done - and there's inspiration for others yet to begin. I find a list is always helpful and there's such a sense of achievement in crossing items off too! Best of luck.

Robby H. said...

I'm excited to see that City Sampler. Those blocks are exactly my style, tons of eye-catching color. Good luck with them all.

Naomi said...

This is a long list - it's hard (and yet not so hard, when I think about all my WIP's lol) to believe this is not all of your list. If this was my list I'd start with the ones that just need binding, to give you some momentum. Good luck!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck!

P.S. I don't understand 'first the list is too long', as you may realise if you've seen my list ;o)