Monday, April 4, 2016

1st Quarter Finish A Long Report

FAL 2016

Time to report on my first experience with the 1st Quarter Finish A Long.
My list was long, and very little was actually finished, although most of it shows forward progress.  I did have an issue that was out of my control: my dear long arm quilter ended up having surgery.  She's doing so well now, and is getting back to quilting again, but of course she's trying to play catch up after having to take many weeks off to recover.  

1.  Round and Round -- Progress.
This one is back from the quilter and waiting for binding. 

2.  Metropolis. -- Discarded
I pulled the blocks and out and gave them a good pressing, and all the issues were so obvious, there is no way these blocks were ever going to make an acceptable quilt top.  When I made the blocks I hadn't yet learned that STARCH is a quilter's friend, and if I ever decide to make this type of quilt again, I will be using lots of starch.  
I'm taking a page from Elsa on this one-- I've Let It Go--and am very happy with that decision.

3. Spidey! -- Progress
This quilt top is finished and it's at the long arm quilter waiting it's turn. 

4.  Blue Belle Constellation-- Progress
Another finished quilt top that's at the long arm quilters.

5.  Sewing Machine Mat & Cover-- FINISHED!
Yay!! This one was fun once I finally got it going, and I think it turned out pretty well. 

6.  & 7.  Beautiful Brick Quilts:  FINISHED!  
Both Brick Quilts are finished and keeping my loved ones warm!

8.  Allie Owl -- Progress
Quilt top is finished, and at the long arm quilter.  

9.  Baby Roundhouse -- Untouched
This is the only thing on my list I never touched.  I had plenty of time to do it, I just couldn't get motivated.  

10.  KF Scrap Quilt--Progress
This one is actually finished, but finished yesterday, so it didn't make the list for the 1st quarter.  As soon as I de-fuzz the quilt I'll get some photos.  Miss Daisy was my big helper with the binding and since the weather is changing she's shedding fur faster than I can keep her brushed. 

11.  Redwork Mini Quilt -- FINISHED!!
This one was made for a great swap, and I really enjoyed stitching it.  

All in all, I'm happy with my FAL experience this quarter and will be joining again for the 2nd quarter.  I've been trying to narrow down my choices for my new list.  Not sure what exactly will be on it yet, but as you can imagine, there will be an awful lot of BINDING going on!  Good thing I really love those hours of hand stitching because there will be a lot of them!  LOL 

What are you working on today?

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margaret said...

lots of great finishes here you have been busy , so much to admire and such variety too