Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Day Three of Allie Owl involved making the wings and bodies.  I really am enjoying the colors & prints. 

Here's Blue.

And Green.

Now Red.

Lastly, Brown.
Yeah, that didn't go so well. 

Of course, I didn't discover it until AFTER I'd cut away the fabric underneath it.  Guess what?  There's not enough of the fat quarter left to cut another piece.  Thankfully, I do know a quilt shop that has it in stock.  The owl project has come to a grinding halt until I get more giraffes.  LOL! Never thought I'd say something like that!

I do realize I flipped pieces in Blue and Red, too, but it isn't so obvious and I'm just leaving those alone. 

Hope your sewing is goof free today!!


Charlene S said...

When you leave an error alone, it is called a design choice. LOL

Linda Smith said...

Gives it a more scrappy feel. Leave it.

margaret said...

agree with above comments, when doing a course the teacher used to say if you make an error do not unpick but make a feature of it