Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Day Four of the Allie Owl Project had me fixing my goof.
Ahhh... much MUCH better!

Next came sewing the body sections together and the eye sections together, and joining the body & eye units together.   The ear tufts were made and added to the heads, and final strip was added across the bottom.  I must have been so excited to see the finish line that my camera was forgotten!  No photos until this point.
 Ta Da!  Four Owls ready to become a quilt top!

I've been sharing this project via text messages with my sister in law.  She's so much fun--one of my favorite people on the planet-- I really enjoy her.  (although she might smack me when she sees I've shared this here!  SCSS, Em!! ) She developed personality profiles for the owls and I thought you might enjoy reading them.  

She says, "Blue is the most handsome and probably a little bit "Hipster".

"Greenie... a little scary, might be mafia-blends into the trees and all that..."

"Red... angry, probably deep seated insecurities, down deep a nice guy though, other birds generally like him"

"Yellow Bird... he's the hardest to figure out.  Quiet, very smart.  Loves to read and all that.  Once you get to know him he's amazing and you want to be his friend forever."  

Hope your sewing is filled with a little nonsense!


Charlene S said...

Red owl does look angry but so do the others. I think they are upset that they don't have color mates.

Sarah Craig said...

I think they all look very wise and friendly!!

margaret said...

what a collection they all look content to me