Monday, March 21, 2016

Making Eyes

The time arrived to tackle this one.  It's been cut out for a while and waiting patiently in it's box. The fabrics are from Elizabeth Hartman's Rhoda Ruth line and the background is Essex linen as suggested in the pattern.  This is the first time I've used Essex linen in a quilt, although I have used it for pincushions and as the foundation of several embroidery projects.  I must admit some nerves about using it in the quilt.  It is quite a bit heavier than the cotton prints and am curious how that bulk in the seam allowances will work out.  

There's quite a few things that must happen before I even touch the Essex linen.  First, all the bits needed to be pulled out of the box and organized. Normally I label pieces as they are cut, but for some unknown reason I skipped that step, so it needed to be done. Here's most of the cotton bits, although there are still a few pieces on the ironing board because I ran out of room on the cutting table.  

The first thing to make are the eyes.  I decided to put a complete set of eyes together to see how the process works.   Let me just say they took a lot longer to put together than I expected and gave me several opportunities to bond with my seam ripper.  

Next came tackling the other three pairs of eyes.  I spent an entire afternoon on them, and yes, did more seam ripper bonding.  
Kinda intense looking, are they? 

Hope your stitching is seam ripper free today!


Laurie Matthews said...

I really love Elizabeth Hartman patterns- it's such a joy to cut everything first and so efficiently with the way she instructs. This quilt will be a lot of fun. I wouldn't worry too much about the bulk of the essex- it's not that much bulkier than regular quilting cotton.

margaret said...

this looks a fun project to do, personally not used the essex linen not even seen any