Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I May Have a Scrap Problem....

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

Last week I read Sarah Craig's blog post (HERE) about her scrap problem and the linky party support group she's starting, and I knew this was the kick in the britches I needed to get going with my own scrap problems.  About 5:30 this morning I was reading over Sarah's blog post again and considering how to best tackle my own mess when it occurred to me a big part of my problem right now is location.  My scrap boxes are shoved in a small dark closet.  Going in that closet is so depressing I've been known to cut into stash fabric for a little piece rather than get in that closet! Ridiculous!!

5:45 AM,  still in my jammies and not really awake,  I hopped up from my desk chair and got busy. This house has an extra bedroom we use for storage. Hubby put up shelves on one wall.  I pulled everything off those shelves and moved it into the closet and put all my scrap bins and sewing things on the shelves.  In about 45 minutes I made my quilting life easier!  Here's a photo of the shelves after I was finished.  I wish I'd have taken a photo of the dark little closet before I started, but remember, I wasn't really awake.  I never thought of it!

Last year with the very best of intentions I worked on trying to get the scrap situation under control.  I sorted scraps by color and vaguely by shape and size, but I only got through about half the rainbow before I gave up in despair.

Cutting things up Amanda Nyberg or Bonnie Hunter style was my intention, but when it came time to pull out the rotary cutter I made this AWESOME scrap quilt instead.
'Cause sewing is more fun than scrap sorting, am I right??
Spicy is back from the quilter and is next up in the queue for binding!

Frequently I think I should get back to the scrap mess, but then my heart fills with dread!  
Seriously, just look at this...

and this...

and these.

Let's not forget these, too! 
That big one, oh it is the worst one!  
Scraps have been pitched into that box for about 6 months now.  
No sorting of any kind, just a big jumble.  

Boxes and boxes of scraps.  All of it needs to be sorted, pressed & cut into usable shapes.
Why haven't I done it?  Time!  It takes up valuable time when I could be sewing thing!  I could be making more quilts.... and creating more scraps...which would, of course, make this mess even bigger.

Time to get it under control!

What's my first goal to help me take control? 

Since I've already moved all my boxes to a new location with easier visibility and access, I think the first step will be to sort out that huge box.  The scraps will be sorted, pressed, and placed the appropriate color box. 

If you don't hear from me soon, look for me under a big ole pile of scraps, okay?

Scrappily yours,

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Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I can't remember if you have kids or not, but if you don't borrow some for this project! Every time my scraps get out of control I call in my daughter to help. She LOVES to sort fabrics by color and loves that she's getting to help me with something I love. I set her up with specific instructions, tell her make piles and off she goes. And I can still sew while she does my work! If child labor is wrong, I don't want to be right! ;)

Raewyn said...

Oh yes, those scraps take over don't they - I'm a hopeless scrapaholic too. Good luck with sorting your bin :-)

Sue J said...

I think sometimes half asleep is the best way to tackle those kind of jobs! I love the scrap quilt you made!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck!

Linda Smith said...

I can't tackle my scrap pile because I am too ambivalent about it! I don't want to cut up into smaller pieces, because 'what if I need a bigger piece?' I don't sort by color, because I think I should be sorting by size or shape, or something. Hmmm. Maybe I should talk to my analyst. No, wait...quilting is my therapy!

Good luck to you, though.

margaret said...

so many scraps!!! You could have great fun making a or should I say half a dozen scrappy quilts with all you have here. Now you can see what you have got it might motivate you to using some before you add more from your next project! I am envious of all those scraps. When I try a new block for the first time I use scraps to see how it works. Best of luck enjoy your sorting ironing etc I would come and help but it is a bit far away

Lynne said...

I used to sort by colour but eventually found it easier to sort by size and shape (except for the tiny crumbs). Good luck with your first goal! (visiting from the "I may have a scrap problem" link up)

Shasta Matova said...

Good for you for taking the first step! Moving them out of the closet will certainly make them more usable. I have a hard time cutting up and sorting scraps too. I have decided that I am going to just pick projects that use them up, so I am "cleaning" as I am making a quilt.

Sarah Craig said...

That's a great goal, Staci, and you've made a good start by moving it all to where you can see it! I've found that Sunday afternoon is a good time to start sorting/pressing/folding - there's such a short time after church and before supper, I don't usually have some other project that I can work on, and once I get it started, I want to finish it off, so I end up working it on Monday morning too!

I have to agree with you, though, it's much more fun to make a quilt top than to sort scraps! Love your Spicy!!

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Do you have a favorite storage container?

Lisa C said...

I realize you aren't asking for opinions but I do have a question. Do you know what your end goal is? Is it to use the scraps period or to sort them? If the point is to the use scraps then having them in one bag/bucket/sack is great because all of the colors are together. Yes, you have to iron them but you'd have to do that anyway. I just start sewing pieces together and make donation scrap quilts. They are truly lovely and basically free. It is perfect for those mindless sewing days. One blogger sews her pieces into 10" squares and piles them up until she has enough for a quilt. I generally find rows are easier for me and I don't have the obvious sewing lines I have when I do squares. Sarah's post was a kick in the pants for all of us!