Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finding Treasures in My Scrap Problem!

Remember this big box full of scraps I showed you a few days ago? 

It looks like this now! Isn't that a lovely sight?  Makes me so happy!
Want to know something else that makes me really happy??

When I was sorting out all those scraps I found these prints from Sweetwater's Make Life... fabric line lurking in the box.  The blue tonal and the white print are both 1 YARD pieces!  The green one is 1/2 yard!  Why were these in the scrap box? No clue!  I put the pieces on mini bolts and have added them to my stash. 

Here's another treasure!
This stack of low volume print charms is about 5 inches tall!  That's a LOT of charms!
Several years ago I participated in a bunch of charm swaps and this stack was part of my haul. 

I'm taking a cue from Sarah and plan to start using some of the scraps immediately.  First that stack of squares will be trimmed down to a consistent size.  Then I plan to keep them near the sewing machine and stitch them up as leaders and enders until I have enough together for a simple patchwork lap sized quilt.  So excited to get started!

Hope your day has some happy surprises, too!


Lisa C said...

Those squares made me giggle. About three years ago I participated in three or four charm square swaps only to do nothing with the squares until last year. Last year I just sewed all of the Christmas ones together. I think I had 177 prints! Another swap was all of a particular tone - maybe jewel tones? I found a fabric that had all of the same tones and did the every-other method and ended up with a lovely baby quilt. I thought about getting a tattoo that said NO MORE CHARM SWAPS but I refrained...! Some people use them easily but I guess I'm not one of those people. You are right though, treasures in the scraps are awesome!

Gina said...

Well done on sorting your scraps. I'm trying to use mine more this year. I'm part of two QAL's where I'm only using my scraps as much as possible xx

Shasta Matova said...

That empty box looks lovely. I worked on cleaning my sewing room, and I was looking at my two scrap boxes that are that size and I have decided I need to empty them and get them out of that room so they can't be used for scraps again.

margaret said...

what a find metre lengths as scraps, the charm pack squares will make a great quilt, I have about 9 sets of charms bought over the years and some jelly rolls too must take a leaf out of your book and do something with them. I do enjoy scrap projects just joining the scraps together any old way happy scrapping for you too