Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 FAL -- Fabulous Friday Finish--Beautiful Bricks Quilt

FAL 2016

Last year I picked up a couple kits on super sale at Craftsy.  The Amy Butler fabric was so pretty and the price was so right I couldn't pass them by.  The quilts are finished except the binding, so one of my FAL goals for this quarter is getting that binding on!  Last Friday night Hubby and I hibernated in front of the TV and I stitched stitched stitched and the first quilt is now finished.

It was drizzling outside, so the indoor pictures aren't the best.  As soon as this was taken the quilt was packed up for mailing.  This one is on it's way to my sister for her birthday!

Quilt Details:
Pattern: Brick Path free pattern from Free Spirit
Fabric: Love by Amy Butler for Free Spirit
Backing: Widescreen in Gray by Carolyn Freelander
Quilting: Long Arm Quilted
Size: 60 x 77

Love the green thread for the quilting!  The long arm quilter does this pattern freehand--not computer driven!  

Now I'm working on getting the binding on the second brick quilt. 

As I was stitching away last night I found myself wondering just how many tiny stitches it takes to go around a quilt?  I did briefly consider doing some math, but then I decided it might be better not to know the answer to that one! ; )

Happy Stitching!

This project was part of my 1st Quarter FAL List.


Charlene S said...

Pondering the question of how many stitches. My answer is just enough to hold the binding securely. LOL

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love that quilt!

margaret said...

Your sister is going to love this, you are so lucky to buy from craftsy does not work here as the shipping and duty can more than double the price.You look to put thousands of stitches in the binding!