Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Spooky Treat!

I have a crazy love for Halloween!  Not the scary slasher movie stuff, but the sweet stuff!  Cute kids dressed up like princesses and superheroes begging for sweets on the doorstep, costume parades at school and cute decorations in crazy crashing colors.  Halloween fabric is a guilty pleasure for me, and I have a very very hard time not bringing home a little bit of it every year.  As a result I've got a big box of scraps and for several years now I've wanted to turn it into a scrappy Spiderweb block quilt.  Back in September, I showed you the Spiderweb blocks I was working on, (HERE) but then there was an extremely inconvenient interruption with that unplanned move when our rental home was sold out from under us.  It's taken me a while to get back to it, but I'm so glad the time has finally arrived!

I pieced 144 triangles on paper foundations for this quilt.  All the piecing was finished before we moved. Here's all the triangles up on the design wall. 

Last week I pulled this UFO out and my lovely DAUGHTER helped me get all that paper off the back of the units.  It was a LOT of paper!  Believe me, I was so HAPPY to have help for that little chore!

Since this quilt top is an exercise in tedious pin matching of seams, I've decided to assemble it in four sections instead of rows.  Here's a few of the sections on the design wall.  The rest have been paired up and are waiting for pinning & stitching. 

This one should be a quilt top in the next day or so!  I'm so excited to get this one off the UFO list!

Be back with some Spooky Fun soon!

Happy Stitches!

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margaret said...

this is going to be a super quilt, have not done paper piecing apart from hexies and they are bad enough to remove