Tuesday, February 23, 2016

4 More for the Farm Girl Vintage Quilt!

My lovely DAUGHTER and I have been working on our Farm Girl Vintage blocks again.  These blocks are so much fun to make!  The word CUTE gets a real work out on our sewing days!

Kettle's On!

Baking Day!

Canning Season.
This block looks so odd to me.  More like Christmas Baubles than jars!

Mixer Mixer
The cord and plug prongs will be added with embroidery.

16 blocks finished!  
I still need to add the embroidery to four of them.

Now it is time for CUTENESS OVERLOAD!
Here's my DAUGHTER's Blocks!

Kettle's On!

Baking Day

Canning Season

Hand Mixer
DAUGHTER says she will always be sad because she can never really have a pink mixer with purple beaters!  LOL 

And her 4 together!

Farm Girl Vintage days are Happy Happy Sewing Days!
Hope you are having happy sewing days, too!


DAUGHTER'S blocks are made with Hi Dee Ho from Me & My Sister.
My blocks are made with a mash up of Pie Making Day and Mimosa. 


Archie the wonder dog said...

I love your green kettle!

Leslie can't stop quilting said...


Amy said...

so cute!!

ShirleyC said...

You are right! Cute and adorable!

carol fun said...

Too stinking cute!!!I LOVE all of these blocks! Great job!

margaret said...

both you and your daughter have made some really great blocks they are going to make super quilts