Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Very Quick Quilt Top

Sewing time last week was hard to find!  It was snatched up in small increments of 30 to 45 minutes between household chores and family things.  I took every minute I could find!  

Monday I had about 40 minutes before I needed to start dinner, so I grabbed out this box of Kaffe Fasset fabric scraps, sorted out the cooler colored prints and started pressing. The scraps were sorted into piles by size as each one came off the ironing board. 

The second sewing room session was spent cutting all the pieces.  Since I had carefully stacked the prints as I sorted them the cutting went amazingly fast!  All the pieces went into this box until time for sewing.

There are only 20 blocks so it took no time to get the blocks to this point, maybe 30 minutes between other activities one afternoon. 

The next chunk of sewing time finished the blocks, although they had to wait another day for pressing.  I didn't have enough time to actually arrange them on the design wall, but Daughter dropped by and we swapped blocks around and decided on this layout together. Much more fun with Daughter!!

Friday I woke up before the alarm and decided to get busy!  I shoved my glasses over my half asleep eyes, shoved my cold toes into slippers and ran for the sewing room.  Stitch stitch stitch-- and rows are made! Later that afternoon I found about 45 minutes and sewed the rows into this quilt top!

It's pretty bright and wild, but I kinda like it! 
The 1/2 yard of dots was purchased for this project, but the rest came out of the scrap box.  Not sure what I'll do about backing right now.  It's time to dig through the stash and see what I can find, but I might just purchase a wide solid and call it done! I always think of projects like this as Bonus Quilts, something awesome for practically nothing.  

It's also a great reminder about how much sewing can be done in those stolen moments.  

Hope you're stealing some great sewing time this week!


Pattern is "Midnight Garden" from Villa Rosa Designs.
Quilt top is 54 x 68.


Gina said...

great quilt. I always find time for quilting early in the morning before the rest of the house is up. It's amazing how much you can get done in that 45-60 minutes xx

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Okay so now I want to change out my shot cottons for the Kaffe dots!!! (O;

Mary said...

Quick and easy! Love that you had some Daughter time to arrange the blocks. Having a second pair of eyes really helps. I have to take a picture then re-arrange when I see blocks out of place. Nobody in my quilt Zone this early AM.

Lisa C said...

There is a "sister" pattern by Villa Rosa where the centers are offset. I just made two of them. I really enjoy Villa Rosa's patterns and also your choice of fabrics.

Shasta Matova said...

Looks great! Most of my quilting gets done in those stolen moments too.

Sarah Craig said...

What a cute quilt, Staci! I love "bonus" quilts - it DOES feel like getting something for nothing, and you feel so virtuous once it's done because you used up your scraps! You did a great job squeezing in your sewing time, too. Keep it up!!

margaret said...

looks wonderful how lucky are you to have all those Kaffe scraps, love his fabrics but rather pricey for me though I do have a couple of fat quarters just to stroke and admire!