Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Bluebell Constellation, Part 1

This week I've been working really hard to finish up a mini quilt for a redwork swap.  It's all but finished, and of course I can't show it to you until it's in the hands of the recipient.  Next week I can show you!  

Between sessions of working on the mini quilt I've been working on another FAL project, this time a UFO.

In 2012 the wonderful ladies of Sew Blues Bee gave me a Thank You gift for hosting the bee.  The ladies made Ribbon Star blocks out of rainbow colors.  It was such a surprise when these blocks began to arrive!

I was ready to whip out a quilt top right then, but a little lost star showed up the week after Christmas. Suddenly I had 26 blocks.  That meant I needed to stitch up 4 more blocks to add another row.  I'm quite ashamed to say, I procrastinated making those blocks and here we are over 3 years later with this box full of pretty blocks and it is time to finish this!!

The blocks went up on the design wall over the weekend and shuffled them around until I was happy, and scraps for the four new blocks were chosen and cut to size.

There were a few minutes before church Sunday morning so I quickly sewed up all the HST's.  The HST's are all trimmed down to the proper size now.  
The units are pinned together waiting to be sewn into the last four finished blocks.  All the blocks on the design wall have had a good pressing and have been squared up as best they can be.  Hopefully I'll squeeze in sewing time to move this project along over the weekend!  I'm eager to get this one finished and off the design wall.  

Here's my quality control expert.  Daisy is always on hand to share her opinions. She certainly is a quilt lover!  

Hope you have a great Thursday!  Stitch On!!



Charlene S said...

Sometimes we get a bout of Quilters ADD and forget where we are in a project. That's ok b/c we usually come back and finish sooner or later. Me-new is quite miffed with me b/c I moved to my studio and she can't inspect the quilt until it is time to bind them.

margaret said...

this is going to make a wonderful quilt better late than never we all have UFO`s that have been hanging around for ages

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

I had to go back into my pictures to see which ones I made for you!!! Have fun sewing it up!!!

Gina said...

It's going to be a fabulous quilt xx