Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016 FAL -- 2016's First Fabulous Finish

FAL 2016

First there was a pile of dotty fabric.

Quality rotary cutting time was followed by paper piecing flying geese flying in formation.
Paper piecing is a bit slow, but all the geese are just perfect, and I really love those sharp sharp points.

Next Hazel the Hedgehog was pieced.
Hazel is, of course, made from Elizabeth Hartman's fabulous pattern!
Hazel is a stylish girl, so hipster glasses were required!
 The fuzzy edge of the raw edge applique seemed really rough, so I did a quick back stitch all around them with perle cotton to smooth it out.

Couldn't decide what to do next, so Daughter suggested a friend for Hazel, and Miss Bunny was pieced. She's a very sweet and serious bunny!

Quilting, binding and ties were added and eventually Miss Bunny and Hazel we incorporated into a sewing machine cover!  Soft and Stable batting makes for a nice shape when the cover is placed over a sewing machine. 
Here's the cover pinned up on the design wall.  
Hmmm... Miss Bunny might be getting a headache like this!
Now she's in danger of being poked by Hazel's spines!  Poor Miss Bunny!
No wonder she looks so SERIOUS!
The sewing machine cover is finished!  On to part 2 of this project!

There was a bit of hand embroidery done in perle cotton. 
Pattern from "The Sewing Room"by Kimberly Oiument.
It was combined with more paper pieced geese and it eventually became this. 
Hmmm, can you tell what it is?

How about now?  That's a pocket!
Actually, it is the second pocket I made.  I goofed up the first one and had the scissors upside down.  Of course I didn't notice that until it was completely finished and quilted and impossible to take apart.  Had to do it all over again, embroidery and piecing.  Oh well.......

It's a sewing machine mat, in case you still aren't sure! 
It does looks odd pinned on the design wall. 

This machine cover and mat was a birthday gift for a Dear Friend. 

Here's the finished set modeled on my sewing machine.
The set was made to fit  Dear Friend's sewing machine. 
My machine is quite a bit larger, but this gives the general idea. 
Here's the Hipster Hazel Hedgehog side.

Daughter says Hazel is a librarian.  Dear Friend says she's an English teacher.
Hmmmm, wonder what profession these two outstanding woman are in?  LOL 

Here's the Miss Bunny side!  

There you have it!  My first finish for 2016, and my first finished project for the FAL!

Happy stitching!



Kim Johnson said...

This is adorable! What a great gift!

Anina said...

So cute!!!

Quiltingranny said...

Very nice, I love the dotty fabrics!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Both projects are very cute. I've been working with dotty fabrics, too - great pick me up in the cold winter.

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Oh Staci! What an amazing finish! I love your two new girls! So cute!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love it/them- what a great present!! Congratulations on your first finish - now the challenge is to remember to link it up at the end of the quarter ;o)

Amanda said...


margaret said...

2 very practical pieces that are also very pleasing to look at, keep saying I am going to make covers for the machines I have but so far not done so, do have a mat though without pockets as I still high on a chair and the pockets would have to be so shallow but maybe I will try to make some.

Kirsten said...

Your sewing machine cover is very cute and I love the mat with the scissors stitching!

Sandra @SewofCourse said...

What a lovely set, and the pockets on the machine mat must be sooo handy!!

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

Oh that is the absolute cutest! Thank you for participating in the 2016 FAL, on behalf of the global FAL hosts :o)