Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's That Time Again

If you come to my house right now you'll see this.
Daisy thinks this stack of cardboard is a
great scratching post & napping spot just for her!

And This.
Most of the boxes are filled with things from my sewing room.

Some of this, too.

Yep, moving again.

This one has come as a shock.  The rental we are living in was sold last year and the new owner informed us just a couple months ago we could stay in the house as long as we liked, that it was going to be kept as in investment property.  The next thing we knew the landlord was at our door telling us that things had changed, the house is being sold and we have to get out.  This is a lousy time of year to find a rental. There isn't much available in the area that we'd like to live in.  

We have found a new place; it's less than a mile from the old place.  Really, the house is much, much too large for two people and two cats, but it checked all our other items on the wish list and we'll be moving in next week.  It all feels like torture right now, but the new house has a much much bigger sewing room! I'll be going from little 9 X 10 room to a 13 X 11 room with a good sized walk in closet!

We get the keys tomorrow so I can alternate packing up our stuff with cleaning the new house because I know it won't be clean enough to suit me.  We've never moved into a house that was clean enough to suit me.  I'm not as bad as Mr Monk, but I could possibly be his cousin... ; )

Things will continue to be pretty quiet on the blog for the next couple weeks while we unpack and get settled again.  Then you can watch me go crazy while I try to put together my new sewing room!  That's a good kind of crazy, right?

I'll be so glad to have this behind us! Hubby & I have sore backs, pulled muscles, little cuts and scrapes from cardboard and packing paper, plus all kinds of bruises from corners of furniture and boxes being moved around.  We are getting tooooo old for this nonsense! LOL

Seriously, though.  I am sooooo tired!  

Hope things are happy and peaceful and piece-ful at your house!


ClotheslineCottons said...

Well, despite the hassles of moving, the bigger sewing room will be a terrific bonus.

WoolenSails said...

Sorry that you have to move but it sounds like the new place will be nice with the larger sewing space.


Sarah Craig said...

Just keep that bigger sewing room in mind when you get stressed out! Good luck with the move!

margaret said...

what a job, house moving is no fun but at least you get a better sewing room from the move. Daisy is a pretty little cat and so curious. Best of luck with the move and I wish you happiness in your new home

Ranch Wife said...

Oh my! Here you go again! Here's hoping all goes smoothly and that your road is paved with many blessings as you settle into your new home.

Archie the wonder dog said...

I hope the move (and cleaning!) goes smoothly - good luck!

Lynn said...

I also hope your move goes well. I checked out your 2014 quilts - some beauties there! Happy sewing in a larger room too.