Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bee Blocks for October!

The lovely ladies of Coast to Coast Quilters made Stack & Whack Wonky Blocks for Andrea.  These really are fun little blocks to make!  It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  These blocks are a perfect choice for a bee block.  There's no waste to the fabric and really no wrong way to make them, plus the blocks are trimmed to uniform sizes and shapes once they arrive back to the hostess.   

I really love the prints that Andrea chose for her blocks--so cheerful!

The tutorial is from Kati at From The Blue Chair.  Click HERE to see it! 
I'm adding this idea to my Someday List!  I keep thinking it would be a great way to use a layer cake for a baby quilt.  

Hope your day is filled with happiness!


Ranch Wife said...

Baby quilt? As in grand-baby? :) Those DO look like fun blocks.

margaret said...

I love wonky blocks, did my tula pink quilts all wonky, not sure if you saw them on my blog. Mind you I chose wonky as I had not been quilting for long and knew they would not join together if they were not wonky!

Gina said...

They are great blocks

Lesley Gilbert said...

Thanks for the link - it's now also on my 'someday' list :)

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

What a great idea Staci!!