Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Time for a New Project

Much of my sewing time this year has been devoted to using my scraps and finishing UFO's, and that has been wonderful, but the time has come for new projects.   The best part of this one will be sewing with friends!  My Daughter and my two quilting buddies Leslie and Patti and I will be making Lori Holt's fabulous Farm Girl Vintage Quilt.
There's something very exciting about beginning a new project, is there?  All the anticipation! Daydreams of color, texture and print! We've had a great time discussing fabric choices and making our fabric stacks.  Since my Daughter and I are working together on our sewing days I'll be showing her progress as well as my own.  

Here's my fabric stack.  It's a combination of Mimosa by Another Point of View for Windam Fabrics and Pie Making Day by Brenda Ratliff for RJR Fabric.  These two lines work so well together. The  background will be White Moda Bella. 

My Daughter is going a very different way for her Farm Girl Vintage quilt!  Her fabric is so much fun, so happy! It's Hi De Ho by Me & My Sister for Moda.  Beautiful Art Gallery solids have been added to the mix. She'll also be using the White Moda Bella as the background.  We bought a whole bolt!

Ready to see more super cuteness??  We've made our first blocks for the new quilt.  There are four Simple Stars, one for each corner of the quilt.  I opted to make my stars from single prints.

I think Daughter's stars steal the show!  She made hers scrappy and I just love them!

We're off to a great start, don't you think?

Hope you have a happy day full of color!


Raewyn said...

A beautiful fun start!! I'm hoping to start this quilt next year, look forward to seeing all your blocks.

Catol V said...

I am also making Lori Holts Farmgirl Vintage sampler quilt...doing the 6 inch blocks. Love Lori and her wonderful books and patterns. Definitely an undertaking that is challenging my mediocre quilting skills but I am improving with every block..I have discovered the value of Lisa Bonjeans advice to really stiffly starch fabrics before cutting and her itty bitty 8ths creative grids ruler has increased my ability to cut accurately. Amazing how wonky things can get when a 6 inch block has 30 plus tiny little pieces. I think I will be remaking some of the first blocks I made!!