Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Spooky Scraps!

Scraps are a big focus for me this year--they have to be TAMED before they take over the entire world!  Yes, indeed, scraps do have grandiose plans for world domination, so we must work to keep them in check!  : )

Recently I pulled out a big box of Halloween fabric scraps and chopped chopped chopped!  What's the perfect project for Halloween scraps?  I'm pretty sure it's a Spiderweb quilt!
The scraps will be combined with that awesome fizzy print from Jen Kingwell's Gardendale line. I like the texture of that print and how it provides a bit of calm in the midst all the crazy scraps.  I'm using foundation paper and a template from Missouri Star Quilt company to speed my project along.  Wonky is the way to go for this project, and anything goes as far as how the prints are being combined.  The triangle units work up quickly and are just so much fun to make.  Here's the first 8 triangle units combined.

Yeah, I'm kinda loving this!  That eyeball print is my favorite.  
Time to make MORE!!

Happy Spooky Quilting!


Leslie can't stop quilting said...

These would have been fun bunting flags too!!!

Julianne said...

Love it!

margaret said...

looking great love the spiders web pattern

Raewyn said...

Hehe, yes, my scraps threaten to take over the world as well, they are never-ending! Love what you are doing with these ones!