Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pincushion Received!

A couple months ago I participated in a pincushion swap with the Mini Quilt Trading Swap group on Flickr.  I just realized I never did show you the pincushion I received!  My swapping partner was my friend Pattiann and she made a pinnie that is just perfect for me!  Patti calls it a Confused Pincushion. She knows how much I love colorful and scrappy things, especially when combined with hand embroidered touches.   
Here's the top of the pincushion.  

When you take a closer look at the side and the bottom you'll see my screen name.

Now, are you wondering how a pincushion could be confused?  
Well, this pinnie is REVERSIBLE!  It can't decide which way is UP!  
Here's the back- lots of cheery scrappy fun!

My pincushion is being put to very good use!  Most of the time it is right in this spot!  It's filled with a combination of crushed walnut shells and fiber fill.  I don't know how Patti got it stuffed so firmly!  The shells make this wonderful scrunching noise when you jab the pins in it!

Patti also sent me some sharp little Tulip pins with leaf shaped heads, a lovely little bundle of red and white fat eighths and that sweet little glass quilt block dish.  Patti says the dish is made by a local artisan in Oregon.  I just love all the goodies!  Thank you so much, Pattiann!

Have you done any happy swapping lately?



Gina Smith said...

What a great pin cushion. So bright and cheerful

Nancy Peach said...

Oh Staci,
What a cute pincushion. You have been very lucky to receive this!!

margaret said...

you can certainly get lots of pins in this pin cushion very nice along with the other goodies too. I have not done any swaps in the quilting world but have done a couple in the embroidery one.