Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August Bee Blocks

Coast to Coast Quilters are making Sparklette variation blocks for our dear Nancy!  Can I just say now that I'm totally in LOVE with her fabrics??  Yep, fabric envy is a dangerous thing.... my wallet is quivering in fear right now!

Seriously though, Nancy's prints are from a line called Global Bazaar by Josephine Kimberling.  
If you click HERE you can see it.  I'll wait.....
See?  Just darling stuff!!  

My daughter and I got together on July 31st and made up the blocks.  We were early birds this month!  After we finished I packed up the blocks, addressed the envelope....and apparently didn't mail them out because I just found them buried under a fabric stack in my sewing room!  Ooops!  Thankfully there is a LOT of August left, so no danger of being late this time!

Adore this paisley!

This geometic is scrumptious!

So pretty!

Look closely and you'll see the cutest little elephant in there!
And it comes in PINK, too!

This is the setting Nancy will be using with her blocks.  We added sashing to the long sides of the block to make it square.  I think Nancy is going to have one really gorgeous quilt!

Nancy sent out Pepper Kona to go with her colorful prints. I loved the combination so much I've decided to use that same shade for sashing & borders for my City Sampler blocks, and guess what?  My daughter is going to use it for her City Sampler, too!  Looking forward to the mail arriving today because I've got 5 yards of Pepper Kona coming.   Darling Daughter and I will be doing a lot of fabric slicing this week!

Thankful I can sew in my air conditioned house.  It is hot out there!! 
Hope you are having a lovely lovely week!  



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great fabrics in those blocks - pops them on the Pepper Kona. Have not used that before and may just do some shopping.

margaret said...

good selection of fabric in the blocks and yes i finally spied the elephant. Wonder what the block is called not seen this one before