Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Orange You Glad to have Scraps?

I sure am glad to have Orange Scraps to play in!  I didn't like orange for a long time, but now it really speaks to me and I revel in the vibrant hues and find they really do brighten up my day! I'm loving making this quilt!

 Here they are, my three Orange Slab blocks.  Each measures 16.5 inches square unfinished. 

And the group shot!

Hmmmm, trying to decide what color to play in next time.....so many choices!

Have happy vibrantly orange day, okay?

Slab blocks for the "Missing U" quilt in the Sunday Morning Quilts book by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cherl Arkinson. 


Gina Smith said...

I love your oranges. So bright

Sarah Craig said...

So pretty! I love love love orange!!!

margaret said...

wonderful love orange too, after green . Unfortunately there is not that much orange about or green so snap it up when I see it though I do think i is getting more popular so more is appearing

Martha Briese said...

I love those oranges!!! My orange and purple stash are so lacking, so now when I visit the quilt shops I make sure to pick up a couple fat quarters of each!! So FUN!!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

They're so cheery!