Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In the Pink! Scraps, that is!

Pink pink pink!  I have a LOT of pink scraps!  I pulled out the box and had a couple days of play time making 3 slab blocks.  

My blocks are 16.5 squares when finished.  The pink ones took ages to put together because the pieces of scrap were so small.  This actually represents two days of sewing, but that's okay because I really do LOVE them!

Now that the blocks are made I've moved on to a new project........
Take a peek at the upper left corner and you can see my red slab blocks peeking out from the top of my cart!

Cleaning up the mess!  LOL  

Happy Stitching!


Yvonne Campbell said...

I love these improv blocks. I realy need to get into that.

Ranch Wife said...

But that looks like such a happy mess! You have the loveliest scraps!

margaret said...

love a scrappy quilt,your bocks are wonderful, much more random than I have managed have just got to the flimsy stage of my scrap vortex will try and post it on my blog later this week now I need more scraps!

Gina Smith said...

Great blocks. It's not a style I've done before but I do like the look