Friday, April 10, 2015

Fabulous Friday Finish! The Folk Art Mini Quilt

Recently the MQTS, Mini Quilt Trading Swap, completed a Folk Art Mini Swap.  The creativity of this group is really amazing, and if you'd like to see some great eye candy made by very talented women go peek at THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS! The Folk Art theme was very popular and it was fascinating to see how the theme was interpreted by each maker. 

My partner in this swap was Andrea/quiltedoma.  She loves bright colors, cheerful themes, hand stitching and kitty cats.   I created this mini quilt for Andrea.  

The Details:
Title: "Content"
Designed and Created by me, Staci Payne
Size: 11 x 14
Fabrics: Background is linen.  Appliques are hand dyed felted wool, borders and binding are Kaffe Fasset Shot Cottons. Backing is by Lakehouse Dry Goods. 
Techniques used: hand applique, hand embroidery and hand quilting. 
Embroidery Stitches Used: Back stitch, Running stitch, Stem Stitch, Colonial Knots, Fly Stitch, Crested Chain Stitch, Couching. 
Embroidery was done with DMC and Valdani Perle Cottons. 
Hand quilting was done with Mettler Silk Finish Thread

Here's a close up of the sky.  I added a puffy cloud with the hand quilting. 
The flower is made of three layers of felted wool and embellished with Back Stitch, Colonial Knots in the center and Straight Stitch.  The sunshine has a Stem Stitch swirl.  I love the texture and depth the Shot Cottons add to the borders. I had originally planned to use prints in the border but when my eye caught my stack of Shot Cottons I knew it was right.  The colors just glow and move with the light.  Sadly, it was a rather dreary day when the photos were taken. 

Meet the Kitty!  She's sporting Fly Stitch stripes, and the rest of the embroidery is Back Stitch.  She looks like she's having some sweet summer time dreams, doesn't she?  Here you can see the flower stem better.  The Stem is made from a piece of woven ribbon and was applied with Couching Stitches. The grass is made up of Crested Chain stitches and Running Stitches. 

Here's the finished mini quilt along side my original sketch.  For once I stuck close to my plan!  LOL!

Andrea seemed pleased with her mini quilt. She said she loved the texture of the piece and she's named the kitty Petunia!  I put a few extra things in with the quilt. There's a couple yards of pretty blue fabrics, a tile with bluebonnets because it's beautiful blue bonnet season here, a San Antonio magnet and super cute kitty buttons. 

The back was simply done with this grey dot print from Lakehouse and a hand embroidered label.

I'm taking a little break from mini quilt swaps to work on other things, but I'll be back to swapping in late summer.  This group has such fun themes and such talented quilters, and I am amazed to be part of it.  I think the next swap I'll play in will be Circles & Curves. Does't that sound like fun?

Happy Stitching!


Leslie can't stop quilting said...

So sweet!! Can't wait till you get yours!! I love the loop stitching on the grass!!! Well done!!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's terrific!

Ranch Wife said...

How cute is THAT?! I don't know how you managed it, but you really DID make that kitty look content. I think you need to work on a book of patterns - everything you design is definitely book worthy. You could collaborate with your favorite sewing partner!