Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Bee Blocks

It's my turn to play Queen Bee for Coast to Coast Quilters!  And let me tell you, I am so excited -- I've had my pattern and fabric picked out for months.  

Last year about this time Moda hosted the Spell It With Fabric Blog Hop.  I saved all the patterns from the hop, thinking it would be a fun quilt to make someday.  Then I saw this quilt, and knew for sure what I'd be asking the ladies to do for me!  I just love the delightful scrappiness of it. 

This quilt had to be approached a little differently than most scrappy quilts because I couldn't just arrange blocks when they arrived.  The Alphabet has a definite order and you can't really mess with it.  First I cut up all my fabric and then spent a couple hours arranging it on the design wall trying to get a pleasing arrangement of colors. I actually got a little carried away and put up too many rows!  So that last row was removed.  Since the alphabet has 26 letters and the quilt has 30 blocks there are 3 filler blocks and an ampersand. 

The lovely bee ladies agreed to make extra blocks for me, so that left me 9 blocks to make, and here they are!  The blocks are fun to make.  They only take a few minutes minutes to cut out, and take 10 to 30 minutes to put together.





I have to say the Q is kinda bugging me.  I feel like that little leg needs to extend into the center of it.  I think I'll be pulling ot the scraps and adding a little applique to this one to improve it. 

Once all the blocks come home I'll be adding sashing, so last week I cut up the strips.  My quilt is actually going to be reversible with words and numbers on the back as well as patchwork.  The squares will be part of the backing, and I hope to have it all pieced before the end of the month. 

The first two blocks made by a Bee member have already come home to me!  It's so much fun to pull those squishy envelopes out of the mail box!

Happy happy stitching!

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Lisa C said...

I am not in any bees so I am saying this solely from an observer's perspective - I hope everyone sends in their blocks because this will be awesome! Do you have a Plan B in case you don't get some blocks back? Hurry Hurry! I can't wait to see.