Friday, January 30, 2015

Fabulous Friday Finish--Cream Puffs Galore!

Another 2014 Finish, this is a little sweetie!
In October 2013 The Penny Patch Quilt Along was held by Rachel of Stitched in Color.  My Daughter had never done a quilt along before, so we did this one together.  We searched my stash, made stacks and stacks of pretty prints and ultimately ended up with these.  My daughter went with brights and low volume, I went with a creamy, vintage-y stack of mostly Fig Tree prints. One of the best things about these quilts was that 95% of it came from stash.  
Daughter's Prints. 

My Prints.

Ready to Sew!!

We had a great time working on our quilts together!  We spent too many hours arranging things on the design walls though, we both tend to be a little to OCD to actually let random be random.  
Daughter's blocks on the design wall.  Planning placement of the largest squares.
My blocks on the design wall, planning the four patch units. 
Before long we had 2 wonderful and very different quilt tops!
This is Daughters. Isn't it bright and fun? 

We finished up the quilt tops in mid-November of 2013, and they were put away while we celebrated the holidays and prepared to move.  During the move the quilt tops were tucked away, and when we unpacked in the new house they were set on a shelf and forgotten.  Last fall, 2014, I was rearranging things in the stash cabinets and rediscovered the quilt tops and a little plan was hatched!  Backing fabric for both quilts was found and pieced together and I packed both up and sent them to the long arm quilter.  My daughter had no idea!  When the quilts came back I packaged hers up in bright Christmas paper and tucked it under the Chrismas tree.  You should have seen her face!  She was so surprised and so very pleased!  Her quilt still needs binding, and once it's on, I'll show you Daughter's finished quilt.  

In the mean time, here's my quilt--Cream Puffs Galore! 
You might be wondering about the name.  My long arm quilter actually named it and I thought it was so cute & pretty darn perfect for this little confection. 

The Details:
Pattern: Penny Patch by Rachel of Stitched In Color
Fabrics: Lots of Fig Tree from various collections, and others from stash
Professionally Long Arm Quilted by Pat Boeck
Dimensions: 60 x 72
Started: 30 October 2013
Top Finished: 18 November 2013
Quilt Completed December 2014


Anina said...

Sp pretty! I love the splashes of green along with the orange/peach fabrics.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

How pretty! I am drawn to your daughter's because I'm a brights girl. :) I hope that some day, my daughter and I will be doing the same thing. She got her first real sewing machine and we're working on learning the basics. She's only 9 so there is some time to embrace the sewing bug.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

They are both so pretty - I do prefer the softer pallete though. How fun to sew along with someone.

Ranch Wife said...

Oh my goodness! How yummy are those - both of them! I recall being tempted by that quilt along and after seeing you and your girl's quilts I'm adding it to my list. What a fun scrappy quilt! I think its fair to say that you two make an awesome team!

Lisa C said...

It's lovely. I rarely quit a project until it's finished but when I do and I come back to it, it's almost sweeter. Can't wait to see your daughter's version.

Archie the wonder dog said...


Karen said...

Such a pretty quilt with all those yummy Fig Tree fabrics. Yay for using up what is in the cupboard. How wonderful to make these quilts together with your daughter and how exciting to get it secretly quilted for her. Now that will her quilt extra special.