Friday, December 12, 2014

Fabulous Friday Finish--The Ugly Duckling

California Girl from Fig Tree is one of my all time favorite Fig Tree lines.  Love the blues & bright green, love the corals, love the florals, love love love.  My stash held a jelly roll of it, just waiting for the right project.  

In late August, I found that right project.  I found a friend for my jelly roll, too.
California Girl Jelly Roll and Bella Solid Jelly Roll in Snow. 

Took a deep breath and did this-- takes a bit of courage to take that ribbon off, doesn't it?

Cut cut cut cut and eventually there was this:

The next thing I knew I was bonding with my pillow and my Kleenex box.  Some sort of extra mean virus had landed at my house and I was miserable!  It was one of those lovely viruses that comes to stay.  One where you run a high fever off and on for days and days, and in between feel like staring at the wall takes too much effort, let alone getting up and doing anything.  After being down for a couple weeks, I started to feel a bit better in between feverish bouts, and I was bored to tears, so I wandered in the sewing room and started assembling blocks.  Now, I know better than to touch a rotary cutter when not feeling well.  That never, ever ends well, but this was super simple mindless piecing.  So over a couple days I sewed up all those little squares and rectangles. 

Blocks were made and the pieces began to go up on the design wall so the color distribution could be worked out.

Rows began to form and when I was stitching together the final row it FINALLY HIT ME!! 

Want to know just how wrong??  
I had done something amazing, and not the good kind of amazing.
I had sewn every single block in this quilt top incorrectly!
To say I was upset is quite the understatement.  There were tears! 
I felt sick at my stomach! 
My beautiful jelly roll quilt had turned into SCRAP VOMIT!
Yep, the quilt top had acquired an unfortunate name, SCRAP VOMIT

Days were spent debating the fate of the quilt top, showing it to my quilting buddies & family, gathering opinions and trying to decide what to do next.  Briefly toyed with the idea of taking it all apart and putting it back together correctly, but discarded that idea quickly. I have to say, it nearly went in the bin.  
Ended up putting it away for a couple weeks while I FINALLY got over that stupid virus. When I pulled it out again I was still deeply, deeply, unhappy, but decided to add some borders and to send it off to the long arm quilter. I told my quilter the story about the Scrap Vomit quilt top, and although she laughed about the name, she was sympathetic and said she'd do her best with it. She always gives the quilts some kind of name on the invoices, and when the quilt came home I had to smile when I saw what she called this one: 
The Ugly Duckling!
Do you remember that story?  The Ugly Duckling grew up to be a SWAN!
Now, I'm not sure this quilt is a Swan, but it sure turned out to be one mighty cute Duck!

Love the little flowers quilted into the inner border. 
The border fabric is my favorite print in the collection.  Love this soft aqua, and so enjoyed hand stitching the binding with my matching thread.  This is a color I could live in forever, I think. 
Backing is a simple white on white print. 
The center is quilted in a leaf pattern. 

And Ta Da!  
Here it is, The Ugly Duckling! 
Dimensions: 72 X 72
Professionally long arm custom quilted by Pat Boeck. 
Begun 28 August 2014, and the last stitch went into the binding 9 December, 2014. 

Now, I'm betting you'd like to know what it was supposed to look like, right?  
The pattern is Camile Roskelley's 'Just Swell' from her first book "Simplify". 
It was supposed to be done this way, with like prints forming each side of the crosses.  In my virus induced stupor I separated the prints with the white squares. It still had crosses, but every single one was done incorrectly.  If you refer back to the photo that shows a single row, you'll be able to see the error more easily. 

Here's to hoping all our goofs turn out this well!


Vicki W said...

Very pretty!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't think it is vomit at all - I find the pattern very pleasing and the quilting just pops it. Smile at your ugly duckling.

sunny said...

Um...I like your version better! Love the colors.

Anina said...

I took me a while to see what you had done wrong. It's a lovely quilt!

Karin Vail said...

I like your version better! The parts in the middle have 'movement' like a pinwheel :) It's lovely lovely!

Debbie said...

I think it is a Stacy original. Do not beat yourself up anymore. It is fabulous. ☺️

Four dogs and one quilter said...

I think is it a swan; just as lovely as Camille's but all your own.

Karen said...

It looks fine to me. It just looks scrappy. Ahh the beauty of scrap quilts. I have some California Girl too. I think I have a couple of layer cakes. Fig Tree fabrics have such a warmth and charm about them.

pizzaeater said...

I think your quilt looks wonderful. I like the scrappiness of it. It is an awful pretty quilt to me.

Sarah Craig said...

It's a lovely swan, Staci! I actually like it better scrappy-looking!! Whoop whoop!!

margaret said...

definately a swan it looks super to me. Sounds as tough the virus was pretty bad and took a while to recover from.

LynCC said...

Hey, now, see?! It turned out very nice in the end. :D Isn't it funny how that can happen? I really love it when something I've become entirely disheartened with turns out OK - or even nice like this! - in the end. :D

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

I think it's beautiful Staci....a "Swan" for sure....I keep looking at both pictures and I know there is a difference but it's so small I can't figure it out!!!

Ranch Wife said...

I'm so glad that you finished this! I loved the Ugly Duckling best of all as a child and this quilt is DEFINITELY worth loving!

Cheryl said...

The quilt might not match the pattern picture, but I think that it looks great. I think I prefer it to the "real" pattern.

Sarah said...

I have two coveted charm packs of California girl I've managed to score off Instagram. It's my favourite Fig Tree line too. I've made the Swell Quilt and I was looking at yours thinking it looked like the same pattern. Yours isn't a scrap vomit at all! It's your own interpretation of the pattern, albeit one that was fever induced. I think it looks really good.