Friday, November 7, 2014

Fabulous Friday Finish! Impromptu -- "In The Pinks"

Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey called my name from the first moment I saw the fabric!  I've had a stack of it in my stash since about January 2010.  Although I have long loved this fabric, I had no clue what to do with it.  I needed a design that would show of the wonderful large scale prints.  Although many were considered, all were rejected.  None seemed WORTHY of my precious Nicey Jane!

Long ago there was a great little quilt along!  The Impromptu quilt along.  I've loved the pattern since Rachel Griffith released it, so when the quilt along appeared I had to jump in.  It only took me a few minutes to pick out the fabric--It was finally time to cut into the Nicey Jane!  I chose the pink & orange color way, and added a few more prints from my stash to give enough variety. The background fabric is Moda Bella in Baby Pink.  Stitching began 1 June 2013.

Blocks were sewn......

Daisy and Murphy provided invaluable assistance in choosing the final layout. 

The quilt top was finished 14 July 2013.  It went off to the long arm quilter and came back to me late that fall.  The quilt sat for several months as we moved house in January and I spent weeks battling the flu and subsequently bronchitis.  

I finally pulled it out over the summer and got the binding attached and hand stitched in place.  Many happy hours went into the hand stitching--this is a BIG quilt! The quilt was completely finished in early July 2014, although photos didn't happen until almost Halloween.  

Here it is--
Name:  I call it "In the Pinks!" 
Pattern: Impromptu by Rachel Griffiths
Fabrics: Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey from Free Spirit Fabric; Baby Pink Bella by Moda; Spot On 108 wide in Peony from Robert Kaufman.
Size: 90 x 90
Quilting: Beautifully Long Arm Quilted by Pat Boeck
Started 1 June 2013.  Finished July 2014

Of course, as soon as we walked outside with this giant sized quilt, the wind picked up and the sun started playing peekaboo behind the clouds!  Never fails!  LOL

My wonderful quilter did this fabulous swirly leafy print all over the quilt.

Here's the backing and stripey binding:

My one regret with this quilt:  I can't take a decent photo of it!  The quilt is so much more beautiful in person than the photos can capture.  It is truly a delightful pink quilty confection. 

Happy Friday, friends!


PS: Many thanks, quilt holders!  I know your poor arms were worn out trying to hold this pink monster up while the wind was blowing!


Wendy said...


Jacque T said...

Oh Staci, this is absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE this fabric!! Great pattern to show it off!! Thanks for sharing it!! Hugs!

curious said...

Your helpers are so adorable and very neat. I am sad to say my would not leave that quilt that neat! You would be seeing more rug than quilt! Great quilt by the way. Sincerely, Paula K.

margaret said...

what a wonderful quilt can see why you held on to those fabrics they were made for this love it off to check out the pattern now.

Dana Gaffney said...

Wow, that is really beautiful and so sweet, I love it!

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

Staci in the full quilt shots I can finally see the pale pink!!! So pretty!!!

Ranch Wife said...

Oh, Staci! That is truly lovely!! You were right to wait for the perfect pattern to showcase those pretty fabrics. I hear you when it comes to photographing monster quilts!

Tiffany said...

It's beautiful! This pattern is also on my list for someday.