Saturday, November 22, 2014

City Sampler Blocks, 44 to 50

More City Sampler Blocks.  Yes, indeed!  And this isn't the last of them yet!

#44--Stealth Bomber

#45--Yours & Mine

#46--Bead Curtain

#47--Wild Side Is Starting To Show

#48--Twist and Turn

#49--In Formation.  This is another block tht looks really weird right now. Once it goes into the quilt top the blue triangles will actually be the same size.  It's the seam allowances that give the first triangle that distorted appearance.  

Maybe I should call this one Ooopsie?  Just realized one row is going the wrong way...and I don't think I care enough to fix it!


Ranch Wife said...

The names you've given these blocks are as cute as the blocks themselves! Just wonderful!

margaret said...

the blocks are coming along so well and ooopsie has been personalised by you I agree leave it as it is, a bit if a challenge finding names for them all, I am afraid I did not name any of mine, have just to bind one quilt then the 3 I have made from the squares will be complete