Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Blogland and flickr are filled with swaps of all kinds, and up until now I've only watched from the sidelines. It is pretty fascinating, watching people create wonderful things for strangers.  I've participated in a few little side swaps as part of online bees, but I had never joined one of these big swaps.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently jumped on the swapping bandwagon and took a little ride.  I joined FLiPS, Fab Little Pincushion Swap, and my swap is now completed.

This is the pincushion I created for Cindy, aka yayaquilter.  It's called Deep Dish Pincushion and the pattern is from The Pattern Basket.  It's a good sized pincushion, about 6 inches square, and has a nice heft to it.  This one won't blow off the sewing table!  

The pincushion actually sits in a little basket or dish.  Here's a close up of the cute little ties on the corners.  I used Erin McMorris's Summersault fabric, with a bit of Sketch from Robert Kaufman on the corners.  

After I finished the pincushion I posted the photo to the group pool and then waited to see if my partner would like it.  Finally after several days she left a comment on the photo and said it was cute, so then I could breathe a sigh of relief!  She liked it, so I could send it out.

Next I needed to decide what to send along with the pincushion.  I decided on a needle book and set out to design one.  The cover is linen and the button is handmade, (purchased) and I did a little embroidery for the grass, stem and leaf.

Inside I made a pocket for little color coordinated embroidery scissors on the front cover, and added several pages of bright green wool felt to hold the needles.
The inside back cover has a pocket to hold packages of needles.

And the very back has a vintage button to catch the elastic loop and hold the book closed.  The button came out of my mother's button box, and was once on one of her sweaters. 

I added a large package of Jelly Belly jelly beans and sent it all on it's way to my swap partner, who received it just a few days ago.

Yesterday I received the pincushion my swap partner made for me.  This sweet little bunny hopped all the way to the Arizona desert from Wisconsin!  I think she'll enjoy the mild winter weather here, don't you?

My partner is Shirley, aka friedasew,  made this darling bunny pincushion for me.  It is made of felted wool which was appliqued with teeny tiny stitches, and filled with crushed walnut shells.  
  Shirley added the piping around the edges and put this wonderful Kate Spain print on the back.

And then Shirley added these darling bright fat quarters, cheery yellow buttons and happy note cards to the package!  Wow!  I feel kinda spoiled about now!  

There you have it, my first pincushion swap!

Do you join swaps?  What kind of things have you swapped?  Do you enjoy it?  Or find it kind of stressful?

Happy Wednesday!


Sunnybec said...

I love both your pin cushions! Nope, don't do swaps I would just freak out trying to make sure I made what my partner would want, and if it was good enough, plus I am hopeless at keeping to time scales. :-)

sunny said...

uh oh, I think Staci might get hooked on swapping. I LOVE the pincushion you made, I'll be looking for that pattern. I enjoy swapping. I've done wall hangings, pin cushions, mug rugs, seasonal items of my choice, etc. My only word of caution is, you have to go into it knowing you MIGHT get burned. It's only hapened to me once, but it can happen. Can't wait to see what you swap next!!

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

I love pincushions all kinds, colors, shapes and sizes!! And these two are both cute and special to all of you!!! It's so fun meeting new friends via swaps and blogs!!

Raewyn said...

I'm always amazed in the huge variety of pincushions...and your post reinforced this!1 Love the pin cushion of you both. I've only done the odd swap but haven't been disappointed so far - they are a fun thing to do.

Leslie can't stop quilting said...

To be honest Staci....I love the needle holder the best because it's all you and a touch of your Mom!!! Don't get me wrong your pinnie is fabulous too!!!!!!!!!!!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Anyone would certainly be lucky to have you for a swap partner - such a darling pincushion, and that needle book is too cute! I had grand plans of making some needle books this year.
I am completely intimidated by swaps, but perhaps I'll dip my toe in next year.